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The Nationwide Pediatric Innovation Fund at Nationwide Children’s Hospital Receives New Gift for Genomics Research

Imagine a day where a family no longer has to go through months of testing to find out what ails their child. Imagine a day when doctors can analyze DNA samples to provide accurate diagnoses and treatment personalized to each child, or even use that DNA sample to prevent a disease from ever occurring. That’s the power of genomics. 
It sounds like wishful thinking. But, through the power of collaboration, the Nationwide Foundation is helping Nationwide Children’s Hospital make it a reality by announcing a new $10 million gift for the Nationwide Pediatric Innovation Fund at Nationwide Children’s Hospital. This gift will help make significant progress toward important research in genomics. Read the full announcement. 
In 2014, through the foundational work of Dr. Peter White and his team, Nationwide Children’s developed the most advanced technology available for genomic analysis. This technology enables analysis to be completed 70 times faster than other technologies, with 1 percent of the personnel, at a fraction of the cost. 
This work will allow doctors to more quickly diagnose patients and more accurately treat diseases affecting children with an ultimate goal of preventing these conditions from ever occurring. What’s more is that Nationwide Children’s Hospital will be able to share the capabilities of this research with doctors across the medical profession to treat patients here and around the world. 

Watch Cures and Innovations for Children: Research at Nationwide Children’s Hospital to learn more about the life-changing breakthroughs happening here.

Nationwide Pediatric Innovation Fund

In 2014, through a generous gift from the Nationwide Insurance Foundation, the Nationwide Pediatric Innovation Fund at Nationwide Children’s Hospital was established to accelerate the most promising clinical and research programs. 

In its first year, the Fund supported several key clinical and research efforts in:
  • Heart Health: Creating an Endowed chair (for clinicians and researchers working in academic-medical institutions like Nationwide Children’s, endowed chairs represent the most prestigious and significant recognition of their work) for Dr. Chris Breuer, Co-Director, Tissue Engineering Program.  Together with his research partner, Dr. Toshi Shinoka, Dr. Breuer has developed a new way to surgically correct congenital heart disease by growing new heart vessels from a child’s own cells.  Unlike artificial vessels these tissue grafts grow with the child eliminating the necessity for life-long surgeries.
  • Neonatology: Creating a center for Cytomegalovirus research following the recruitment of Dr. Pablo Sanchez, one of the nation's leading Cytomegalovirus researchers.  Cytomegalovirus (CMV) is a devastating infection of the newborn, causing in many cases hearing deficits and mental retardation; precious little research into treatment and prevention has been done and NCH is uniquely poised to lead the effort.
  • Advancing Injury Prevention: funded the creation of the Make Safe Happen app, an easy-to-use home safety mobile app launched in partnership with Nationwide through their Make Safe Happen initiative. The app allows parents to learn as they go with room-by-room safety checklists and links to recommended safety products.
  • Initial funding for genomics: laying the groundwork for advancing existing work in genomic analysis and laying ground work for future recruitments.
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