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Workforce Development


A crucial part of neighborhood revitalization is the opportunity to obtain stable employment at a livable wage. Our goal is to reduce unemployment and poverty in our community by creating pathways to employment at Nationwide Children’s and other area employers.

Work readiness training, career development and experiential learning are available for residents. More than 600 residents of HNHF zip codes are employed at Nationwide Children’s.

Featured Programs

Transitional Job Model

In partnership with Community Properties of Ohio (CPO), this program provides job coaching and job-readiness preparation skills to help promote success in the workplace. Employees receive real-time feedback on successes and on how to respond to challenges. Those who successfully complete the program are offered a job. 

Job Fairs and Workshops

Nationwide Children’s hosts job fairs to connect residents to employment opportunities. Workshops are also held on professional development topics such as communication, job interviewing and resume assistance.
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