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Affordable Housing


Giving more people access to affordable housing — by eliminating vacant, blighted properties and increasing homeownership— is the cornerstone of HNHF. Through this initiative, we strengthen the neighborhood one home at a time.

Featured Programs

Healthy Homes

Affordable housing is coordinated through Healthy Homes, a nonprofit housing organization and collaboration between Community Development for All People and Nationwide Children’s. The goal is to revitalize the neighborhood adjacent to Nationwide Children’s and Columbus’ South Side. 
Since 2008, Healthy Homes has impacted more than 270 homes on the South Side, which includes: 
  • Full-gut renovations
  • New builds with energy efficient and green features
  • Grants to current residents through the Home Repair Program
Healthy Homes typically feature tankless water heaters, rain barrels, solar tubes, low VOC paint, recycled carpet, levered door handles and energy efficient windows. 
View available homes on the Healthy Homes website.
Please contact Robert Williams at (614) 365-0693 or for further details about Healthy Homes.

Home Repair Program

The Home Repair Program offered by Healthy Homes provides grants to homeowners in the HNHF area to make exterior improvements to their home. Repair items include roofs, windows, doors, porches, siding, painting, gutters, fences, walkways and landscaping. The program encourages residents to stay in their homes for at least three years after the repairs are made.
Learn more about the Home Repair Program on the Healthy Homes website.


The Residences at Career Gateway

The Residences at Career Gateway, opening in 2017 at Whittier Street and Heyl Avenue, will provide 58-units of apartments and townhomes, along with on-site career development workshops. Most tenants will be either employed or aspiring to work for one of many local employers.
Tenants must be earning at or below a certain income level, which is $42,600 a year for a family of four. Classes offered on-site will train tenants and other neighborhood residents for specific local job openings, as well as teach skills necessary for success in any position. 

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