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Healthy Neighborhoods, Healthy Families

Nationwide Children’s Hospital has proudly called the area around our downtown campus home for more than 118 years. So when we announced the Healthy Neighborhoods, Healthy Families (HNHF) initiative in September 2008, it was with a vision and commitment to making a significant, positive difference for our neighbors and our surrounding community.

Modeled after successful revitalization programs across the country, HNHF seeks to remove barriers to the health and well-being of thousands of families in our neighborhood using a multi-pronged approach. HNHF is a public-private collaboration that targets:

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A closer look at HNHF’s five areas of focus:

Affordable HousingMap of HNHF  
Renovating and selling homes in Columbus’ South Side is the goal of Affordable Housing. By addressing vacant and abandoned properties and offering programs like home buyer assistance/education and homeowner grant repair, we can revive the neighborhood.

Health and Wellness
By improving residents’ access to health care coverage, primary care, fresh fruits and vegetables, we are helping to prevent obesity and pre-maturity, while reducing infant mortality rates.

The creation of mentoring and academic enrichment programs at Livingston Avenue Elementary School, as well as child consultant services to child care centers, will improve early childhood education. Taking it a step further, expanding after school programming to target parents and creating literacy education programs for children and adults will help families, not just children.

Safe & Accessible Neighborhoods
By supporting plans for roadway infrastructure improvements (like sidewalks, bike paths and enhanced green space), the quality and appearance of the neighborhood will improve, not to mention the ease of transportation. Creating both crime prevention programs in the area and personal safety programs, like bike helmet and car seat safety checks, will improve the personal safety of residents.

Workforce Development
By targeting economic development efforts and supporting the Parsons Avenue Vision Plan, we will increase the workforce in Columbus’ South Side. We also will increase employment and career fairs for jobs and vendor opportunities at Nationwide Children’s Hospital as well as establishing student internship programs for the younger generations.

HNHF has demonstrated noteworthy, tangible outcomes in each of the five areas listed above. Our current success has been fueled through the collaboration of numerous partners including, most notably, the City of Columbus, United Way and Community Development for all People (CD4AP). We thank everyone involved in HNHF’s progress to date and look forward to continuing our successful collaboration in the years ahead.

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Healthy Neighborhoods, Healthy Families

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