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The Giving Guide: See the good your gift can do.

Below are examples of how your gift, of any size, will make a difference to our patients and families.


A gift of $10 could provide any of the following to our patient families:

  • Parking tokens or gift cards. These items help our families with small incidental expenses during their often unexpected hospital stay.
  • Bandaids. Our hospital goes through more than 20,000 Band-Aids a year, totaling $50,000+. A gift of $10 provides four boxes.
  • Anti-Slip socks. To minimize the risk of falling for all patients, we provide anti-slip socks. $10 provides a pack of 10 pairs.




A gift of $25 could provide any of the following for our families:

  • Art therapy supplies, such as finger paints or watercolors. By focusing on art therapy, children are able to find positive distraction which speeds their healing process.
  • Comfort items like shampoo, toothbrushes, or deodorant that families often overlook in their time of need.
  • Bravery Beads. With each treatment, patients fighting cancer are given a new bead for their necklace. Each bead represents a different part in their journey to wellness.



A gift of $50 could provide any of the following for our families:

  • New books. Through our Reach Out & Read program, children receive age-appropriate books during their well-child visits. A gift of $50 could help children who visit our hospital be prepared for school.
  • Video games, Leap Frog games or DVDs. Items like these help make time spent in a hospital bed a little more enjoyable for our patients.
  • Clothing items for the emergency department. Often, when a child comes to the emergency department, their clothing needs disposed of. When this is the case, we provide clothing of all sizes for children in the emergency department to wear home.




A gift of $150 could provide any of the following for our families:

  • Premature Development Packs include a heel warner, preemie diapers, a feeding tube, and other necessities for the tiniest babies at Nationwide Children’s Hospital.
  • Special celebrations that can brighten the faces of our patients, such as a pizza party or an ice cream sundae bar.
  • Activities such as yoga, massage therapy and video journaling. These things can soothe achy muscles and help patients heal emotionally.




A gift of $250 could provide any of the following for our families:

  • Wagons are our patients’ mode of transportation. They are available at all times and are used, free of charge, by families to transport their children. There’s no better sight than seeing a child being wheeled to the doors, smiling because they know they are almost home.
  • The day every cancer patient looks forward to is celebrating their last chemotherapy treatment. A gift of $250 can assist in creating this type of celebration and many other special memories.
  • Toys for our Admitting Gift Cart. Every child admitted to Nationwide Children’s receives a gift of their choice upon admission. Help us fund gifts to bring comfort to our patients during their stay.




A gift of $500 could provide any of the following for our families:

  • iPads are not only used by our patients to play games and calm their nerves, they are also used by our physicians to communicate and work more efficiently.
  • Wheelchairs, because not all of our patients are tiny enough to fit in a wagon. Wheelchairs are used by our transport team and patient families to move around Nationwide Children’s Hospital. A gift of $500 will provide funds for one wheelchair.
  • Family Appreciation Days allow special bonding time for families outside of treatment. Some children stay at Nationwide Children’s Hospital for months on end. This $500 gift provides a little bit of normalcy to families in treatment.



A gift of $1,000 could provide any of the following for our families:

  • Inpatient classroom Smartboard technology. Several floors in our main hospital have a classroom and teacher to ensure that patients don’t fall behind while missing school because of illness. Smartboard technology makes learning in the hospital less challenging for our patients.
  • Scholarships for summer camp. Our patients attend a summer camp in a medically save environment so they can do what they do best – be kids!
  • A Pinball machine for the Teen Room! Because being a teenager should be fun. We hope to give teenage patients the freedom and utilities to be themselves and enjoy themselves while receiving medical treatment.



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