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Pediatric Emergency Medicine Curriculum

For Pediatric Graduates

First Year Second Year Third Year
PED 6 months PED 5 months PED 6 months
Res 3 months Res 4 months Res 5 months
Trauma 1 month PICU 1 month Adult ED 1 month
Ortho 1 month Tox 1 month    
Adult ED 1 month Adult ED 1 month    

For Emergency Medicine Graduates

First Year Second Year
PED 7 months PED 7 months
Elective 2 months Elective 3 months
Ortho 1 month PICU 1 month
NICU 1 month Outpatient 1 month
Inpatient 1 month    


There are many electives available including Neurosurgery, Pediatric Surgery, Anesthesiology, EMS, ENT, Ophthalmology, Child Abuse to name a few.

Pediatric Emergency Department (PED)

During clinical months in the PED fellows are expected to provide hands-on patient care, as well as supervise and direct patient care provided by residents and medical students.  Dedicated procedure shifts are also scheduled during these months, allowing the fellow to gain even more skill in the performance of procedures.  Shifts are 9 hours in length and cover days, evenings, and nights.

Pediatric Orthopedic Surgery

One month in the first year is spent on the Pediatric Orthopedic Surgery service.  During this month the fellow will concentrate on all aspects of orthopedic care, with an emphasis on fractures, especially the evaluation, reduction and follow-up of these injuries.


One month of the first year is spent at Grant Hospital on an adult trauma service.  This program is one of the busiest and most established trauma programs in Columbus.  The fellow will use ATLS principles and skills in all aspects of trauma care, from initial evaluation to ongoing care in the SICU and floor.  The fellow will gain additional experience in trauma-related procedures, including FAST scans, chest tubes and central line placement.


The second year fellow will have one month in the PICU.  The ICU has 26 PICU beds and 7 CT-ICU beds, combining for more than 1600 admissions/year.  The fellow will provide hands-on patient care, as well as supervise the care of residents.  The fellow will also take part in the educational conferences of the section.


One month is spent on the Toxicology service.  Nationwide Children’s Hospital is home to the Central Ohio Poison Center, where the fellow will take part in learning the call system, have opportunities to follow patients in the hospital and provide consultation.

Adult Emergency Medicine

One month during each of the three years is spent at Ohio State University Medical Center in the adult ED.  The fellow will provide direct patient care, with an emphasis on learning about the evaluation and stabilization of adult problems that would commonly present to the PED.  The fellow will also serve as a consultant on pediatric patients in the adult ED.  


Twelve months of the fellow’s training are designated for research:  3 months in the first year, 4 months in the second year and 5 months in the third year.  Find out more about the fellowship Research Experience.

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