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Courses For Parents and Kids

Parents and professionals can use the Nationwide Children’s Hospital Education Portal to search and register for the very latest classes on one key theme: kids!

Parents and kids will find courses on everything from babysitting and parenting to ADHD and Autism.

We recently we implemented a new registration system for all of our scheduled educational opportunities. To help you easily locate the educational opportunity you need have provided some instructions, which are located below the Education Portal link.

Please click the link below to be taken to the new education portal.

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Locating a Course by Keyword

If you know the name of the course you would like to register for you can use the Keyword Search functionality to easily find the course in the Education Portal.

Insert one or two keywords from the name of the course in the keywords box. If your search doesn't come with any results when using multiple keywords you should try the search with fewer keywords or try to locate your courses via a category.

Popular Courses and Keywords

Below is a list of some of our most popular courses. The bold words before the course description are keywords you can use to help search for the course in the Education Portal when you are ready to register.

Courses For Kids

  • Babysitter Training class - for kids ages 11 and older waiting to learn about being a sitter parents
  • Sibshops - for 7-12 year old siblings of children with autism
  • Mechanism of Human Health and Disease - advanced class for high school students that explores research and medicine.
  • Young Scientist Series on Demand
  • It’s Not Cool to Be Cruel - anti-bullying program taken out to groups
  • Kids on the Block - puppetry that teaches about safety
  • Summer Scientist Internship - summer high school internship in research

Courses For Parents and Kids

  • CPR - Family and Friends Adult-Infant-Child CPR for the public
  • KISS - injury prevention program
  • Bariatric Surgery Information Sessions - program for teens and family interested in bariatric surgery
  • Kenpo Personal Defense - self-defense class taken out to groups
  • Body Talk - mothers and daughters explore body changes and image, healthy eating and self-image and self-esteem.

Courses For Parents

  • Coaches’ Class - program fulfills the 3 year, 2 hour requirement for ODE credit
  • Gluten Free Eating - a primer for the newly diagnosed or those who want a refresher in the gluten free diet
  • Active Parenting - parenting class for parents of kids ages 5-12
  • 1234 parents - parenting class for parents of children ages 1-4.
  • Anger Management - increases parent effectiveness helping their child develop skills to manage their anger
  • ADHD Academy - individual classes that address popular topics in ADD and ADHD
  • Adoption Academy - provides prospective adoptive parents objective information on adoption in order to make decisions that are right for their family
  • Parenting Your Child with Autism - 5 week program that discusses the special challenge of parenting a child with autism
  • Autism Aide Training - training for aides of children with autism.
  • Saturday Aide Training - training for aides of children with autism who are not seen at the NCH Autism Center.
  • Autism Academy - educational sessions for parents of children with autism
  • Hearing Team Education Series - topics for parents of children with hearing loss.

Locating a Course by Category

If you are unsure of the name of the course you are trying to find or if would like to browse for courses related to your interests you can search for a course via category.

To search for general courses you can select an option from the drop down menu.

If you would like to be refine your search you can also select sub-categories using checkboxes if they are available.

Refining your Search Results by Date

If you would like to see courses during a specific period of time you can refine them by using the date dropdown.

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