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Dual Pediatrics Residency Life

There's no way around it…residency is hard, no matter where you go. What makes the difference between surviving the next three years and never looking back and surviving the next three years with a smile on your face and lifelong friends is what happens outside the hospital. The people make all the difference.

The Dual Program has a distinct advantage of being part of the sizeable Children's Hospital crowd as well as the smaller osteopathic crowd. Not only do we get to attend our own unique conferences and special occasions, but we also get to participate in the Children's Hospital events. We have osteopathic lectures and skills sessions where we get to learn osteopathic manipulation and  meetings where we bond with our fellow osteopaths and discuss our own unique situations. The whole experience allows us to bond with the allopathic crowd as well as the osteopathic crowd in a very unique atmosphere.

So what do we do to blow off steam and have a good time?

A great way to deal with the stress of the day is with those who are right there with you during your challenging day! Whether it is an impromptu party, a gathering at a resident's home, or a night out…There are fabulous restaurants in town for a night out, a romantic dinner with your significant other or fun monthly journal clubs. The Cameron Mitchell restaurant chain is well-known in town and a frequent place to go to celebrate surviving another month!

There are plenty of fun musicals and theatrical shows that come to Columbus. Circque du Soleil is an artistic, French circus that comes to our part of the country yearly. What a great opportunity to get dressed up and celebrate the arts! And you can drive twelve hours to NYC or drive to downtown and enjoy Broadway here!

If you're into sports, there are plenty venues to amuse you including Blue Jackets Hockey, OSU events, arena football, Columbus Crew soccer, golf and nearby skiing at Snow Trails.

And last but not least, we have the official conferences for the residency that are both educational and a great opportunity to bond with your colleagues.  Every spring, we have an osteopathic conference to learn different osteopathic techniques as well as bond with our fellow osteopathic brothers and sisters. There are also annual conferences with Children's Hospital.  There's a yearly retreat with the intern class, the second year class, and the third year class. Of course there is official business to accomplish, but having time to hang out with your classmates outside of the hospital is really what it's all about!

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