DISCOVERYx 2017 :: Nationwide Children's Hospital, Columbus, OH

DISCOVERYx 2017: Annual TEDx-like Event at Nationwide Children's Hospital

The Research Institute at Nationwide Children's Hospital Presents

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DISCOVERYx is a TEDx-inspired event that showcases ten presenters sharing their “story behind discovery” here at Nationwide Children’s. Through this venue, we share thought-provoking ideas to spark conversation, make connections and inspire others. To continue the conversation, please view and share the videos below from our DISCOVERYx event, held on Friday, June 23, 2017, at Nationwide Children's Hospital.

DISCOVERYx 2017 Talks

Tim Cripe: Bluffing Cancer

Laura Gran: Connecting and Communicating: Unwrapping Life's Greatest Gifts

David Stukus: Twitter Has Made Me a Better Doctor

Lorraine Kelley-Quon: Hold Your Baby: Transforming Infant Health with Kangaroo Care

Barry Halpern: Addicted to Love: Rethinking Care for Babies Born to Opiate-Dependent Mothers

John Mahan: Physicians - Growing & Flourishing in Medicine

Deena Chisholm: Alchemy for Health Equity

Michael Patrick: Maximum Impact: Engaging Families and Colleagues with Digital Content

Jeremy Patterson: Seeking Out Tomatoes for Exemplary Outcomes

Erin Tebben: Kicked Out of Preschool: How Early Childhood Expulsions Affect Families

>> Recordings from last year's event (2016) can be found on the DISCOVERYx 2016 website.

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