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  • Talking to Your Kids About Depression and Suicide (700 Children's Blog): This post, written by Amy Coleman, LISW, and John Ackerman, PhD, discusses why it's important to talk about depression and suicide, how to start the conversation, and resources for parents. 
  • Suicide Rates Climb in the U.S., Especially Among Adolescent Girls (NPR, April 2016): Arielle Sheftall, PhD, postdoctoral researcher in the Center for Suicide Prevention and Research, provided her expertise in a recent NPR article on rising suicide rates in the United States, especially among adolescent girls. She and her colleagues study the risk factors that may lead a depressed child or teen to attempt suicide.
  • Suicide Prevention Focus of Nationwide Children's Hospital (Columbus Dispatch, October 2015): Out of the belief that this community can and must do better by young people who are struggling and at risk of taking their own lives, Nationwide Children’s Hospital has created a center to better understand and stop suicide.
  • How to Deal with Adolescent Depression (700 Children's Blog, August 2014): Depression, particularly in combination with alcohol or drug abuse, is a prime risk factor for completed suicide. The link between depression and suicide is not only true in adults, but also for children and teenagers.
  • A Better Strategy for Suicide Prevention (Pediatrics Nationwide, July 2014): To meet new ambitious national targets for reducing suicide, public health officials may need to focus on periods of high risk.