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CSPR Blog Posts

  • 13 Reasons Why: Should Parents Be Concerned About This Netflix Series? (700 Children's Blog, April 2017): The mini-series 13 Reasons Why (13RW) was recently released on Netflix, and has led to much conversation and social media buzz about teen suicide, particularly among middle and high schoolers. In one of the most popular posts on the 700 Children's blog, John Ackerman, PhD, suicide prevention coordinator for CSPR, discusses what is concerning about the series, what to consider as a parent and what resources are most helpful when having crucial conversations about youth suicide.
  • Kids and Self-Injury: What Parents Need to Know (700 Children's Blog, February 2017): This post, written by Elizabeth A. Cannon, LPCC, and John Ackerman, PhD, discusses what self-injury is, signs to look for, treatment and recovery, and how to talk to your child about self-injury, along with additional information and resources on the topic.
  • Facebook's Latest Safety Initiative Helps Prevent Suicide (700 Children's Blog, October 2016): This post, written by John Ackerman, PhD, discusses a suicide safety tool for Facebook users that can have a direct impact on facilitating emotional support and outreach for a friend in need.
  • Talking to Your Kids About Depression and Suicide (700 Children's Blog, August 2016): This post, written by Amy Coleman, LISW, and John Ackerman, PhD, discusses why it's important to talk about depression and suicide, how to start the conversation, and resources for parents. 
  • How to Deal with Adolescent Depression (700 Children's Blog, August 2014): Depression, particularly in combination with alcohol or drug abuse, is a prime risk factor for completed suicide. The link between depression and suicide is not only true in adults, but also for children and teenagers.