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Concussion Toolkit

Treatment for concussions needs to not only occur at home but within the classroom as well to ensure a full recovery. Abstaining from tasks that can be mentally straining will help the child in the healing process. The Concussion ToolKit is a tool to educate parents, coaches, teachers and school administrators, along with the student-athletes themselves, about the signs, symptoms, treatment and management of concussions. This toolkit has a wide range of information for different groups of people who support the student-athlete both on and off the field. No two concussions are exactly the same and individualized treatment is key. Developing brains are constantly changing, and one student-athlete’s symptoms may be completely different from another’s even if they sustain the same type of injury.

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Every five minutes, young athletes are seen in U.S. emergency departments for concussion injuries. Concussions require not only a break on the field, but also off the field in the classroom.
Dr. Steven Cuff explains how the sports medicine team educates high school teachers about how to work with students who have suffered concussions.
A study conducted by Dr. Keith Yeates showed that one out of every four children who had suffered a concussion had significant post-concussive symptoms.
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