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Clinical Research for Investigators

Expansion of clinical and translational research is a strategic priority for The Research Institute and Nationwide Children's Hospital, as detailed in a recent white paper, "Clinical and Translational Research Initiatives," written by The Research Institute leadership. Existing strengths in basic laboratory and health services research and an outstanding infrastructure of clinical research support, position us ideally for further growth of clinical and translational research.

Outstanding clinical and translational research studies are currently being conducted by members of the Center for Clinical and Translational Research.

Clinical Research Services

Clinical Research Services (CRS) is designed to be a portal through which clinical investigators access streamlined coordination of services necessary to initiate clinical research projects, regardless of funding source. We support all clinical research studies, providing staff and/or services to manage your study from beginning to end according to Good Clinical Practice and federal, state and institutional regulations and guidelines. We can also facilitate survey research, large data set analyses, and psychometrics.

Clinical Research Services
Timken Hall, 4th Floor

Available services:

  • Clinical research project consultation, study design assistance
  • Protocol development and feasibility
  • Regulatory/IRB document preparation services
  • Clinical research budget development, including research pricing
  • Data collection for subject tracking to ensure proper invoicing/revenue capture
  • Clinical research training
  • Overall study management provided by certified and extensively trained clinical research coordinators, including:
    • Creation of source documents that facilitate systematic data collection and/or aid in protocol execution and management including:
      • Obtains informed consent/assent
      • Collection of subject data; completion of data collection forms and submission to sponsor
      • Maintenance of IRB/regulatory documents
      • Advocacy for the research subject and family
      • Performance of study procedures; specimen collection and processing
      • Coordination of subject study visits with other hospital services
      • Administration of investigational medications
      • Procedure such as venipuncture, IV insertion and injections; PK capability
      • Coordination of monitoring visits by sponsor representative

Clinical Research Services Staff

Center Director,
Center for Clinical and
Translational Research:

William Smoyer, MD

Medical Director:
John Mahan, MD

Chair, Intramural
Funding Committee:

Kelley Kelleher, MD

Grace Wentzel, CCRP

Associate Director:
Paulla Davies, CCRC

CCTS Program Manager & Liaison
Myra George, MS, MHA

Lead Administrative Coordinator:
Becky Wellman

Research Regulatory Coordinator:
Christine Hapanowicz, CCRP

Feasibility Coordinator:
Valerie Galbraith


Paulla Davies, CCRC

Clinical Research Coordinators:
Corinna Bowers, CAP
Lauren Bird, CCRC
Karen Carter

Clinical Research Nurses:

Gail Arthur, RN

Sarah Borror, RN, CCRC

Shelli Farley, RN, CCRC

Patsy Guittar, RN

Cathy Schumer, RN

Jenny Rossette, RN, CCRC

Kandice Roush, RN, CCRC

Bonny Bowen, RN

Deanna Lear, RN, CCRC

Sally Hough, RN



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