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Chandler Lab

The Chandler lab focuses on the regulation of pre-mRNA splicing and its disruption leading to pediatric cancer and spinal muscular atrophy. We utilize cell culture models and mouse models to better understand the role of the alternative spliced forms as a manifestation of a disease.

The Chandler Lab was established in 2005 and is housed on 5th floor of Research Tower II of Nationwide Children’s Hospital.

Lab Focus

The research in Dr. Chandler’s lab is centered on understanding the regulation of alternative pre-mRNA splicing and how disruption of this highly regulated process leads to diseases such as cancer and spinal muscular atrophy. The research focus is to define the mechanisms by which disruption of regulated splicing of pre-mRNA leads to altered cell function. Dr. Chandler’s lab is developing in vitro and animal model systems that can be used to develop novel therapies targeting these disrupted pathways.

This research represents a novel perspective in pediatric research that highlights the role of perturbation of pre-mRNA processing in disease phenotypes. The increased awareness of regulated RNA processing and recent identification of several disease-causing mutations that affect splicing give rise to a new generation of potential therapeutic targets. Point mutations and the resultant splice variants may both be successfully targeted for therapeutic benefits in the future.

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