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Biomechanical Video Analysis for Throwers and Running Gait

Dartfish Motion Analysis

The purpose of the Dartfish video analysis is to evaluate the mechanical deviations of the throwing athlete or youth runner to identify improper stresses on the body that could predispose an athlete to injury or delay the healing process for those already recovering from an injury.

Includes 2 sessions/corrective instruction drills/exercises/DVD

Session 1 – Approximately 60 minutes

  • History and training schedule review
  • Physical examination
  • Video filming of mechanics with Dartfish software

Session 2 – Approximately 30-60 minutes

  • Review of biomechanical analysis with Dartfish software
  • Recommendations for proper exercises to improve areas of imbalance, weakness, and other risk factors
  • Teach corrective exercises/drills to improve mechanics
  • Provide proper progression for return to activity that is age/developmentally appropriate
  • Provide a DVD copy of the video session



$195 with payment due at second session. Checks only payable to Nationwide Children’s Sports Medicine

For more information contact:

Eric Leighton, ATC at or 614-355-8737

Nationwide Children's Hospital
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