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School-Based Asthma Therapy Program

Nationwide Children’s School-Based Asthma Therapy (SBAT) Program works as a liaison between schools and the asthma care provider to design a plan for students with high-risk asthma to receive asthma prevention medications at school. SBAT is a Care Connection program that provides school-based pediatric health care access. 
Our goal is to keep the student’s asthma care with their asthma care provider while helping improve compliance of the student’s asthma controller medications. Partnering with resources in the community to help administer medication daily helps make this possible.

Asthma Care Challenges 

Many of the students enrolled in our program may have challenges in the home that prevent regular administration of their asthma controller medication. Some of those challenges may include: 
  • Parent leaving for work before child is awake
  • Multiple caregivers
  • Chaotic morning routine
  • Insurance issues or high medication costs
  • Overdue appointment and expired prescriptions
  • Poor access to care
Often times, they may also show signs of poor asthma control, such as:
  • Recurrent asthma symptoms
  • Shortness of breath
  • Chest tightness
  • Wheezing
  • Coughing
  • Frequent albuterol usage
  • Frequent clinic visits for asthma symptoms
  • Absences from school due to asthma
  • Emergency squad calls for asthma
  • Emergency department and inpatient visits due to asthma

Our Goal 

Our goal is to optimize their asthma control by enlisting the assistance of the school nurse to administer the morning dose of their asthma controller medication at school. With the help of the school nurse, we have shown increased symptom-free days and decreased hospitalizations for the students in the program.  

What to Expect

When a student is enrolled in the SBAT program, you can expect: 
  • Asthma controller medication at school
  • Medication orders provided by SBAT team
  • Frequent follow-up from SBAT team
  • SBAT educational teaching for staff and parents

Refer a Student 

Students can be referred by school personnel, primary care physicians, asthma specialists or any other care providers the child may see. We aim to enroll students who have symptomatic asthma who could benefit from assistance with medication administration at the school. We prefer, but it is not required, that the parent or guardian know about the referral to SBAT.

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