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Ask a Specialist Program

Are you a clinician with a question you'd like to ask a pediatric specialist? The Nationwide Children's Ask a Specialist program is here for you!

Sent via e-mail bi-weekly, you'll get answers to your questions from local experts  as well as answers to questions you never even knew you wanted answered. This is your opportunity to remain clinically up to date, based on regional best practices and standards of care.

It's free, convenient and, most of all, educational.

To enroll, simply complete the form below. (Please Note: This form is not for any clinical/personal needs)

Once enrolled, you'll begin receiving Ask a Specialist e-mails every two weeks and be able to submit your questions to get a response from specialists directly. Please do not submit any patient specific information.


Questions span all realms of specialty care, for instance:

  • We've seen a lot of newborns lately with staphylococcal infections, typically in the diaper area. Is this likely an epidemiological phenomena pointing at our nursery? Is there anything additional to be concerned about, and is cephalexin a fine first choice?

  • The guidelines no longer recommend screening U/A's at well-child checks. Do you agree that no screening U/A's are indicated?

For questions about the Ask A Specialist program, please contact Linda DeMuro, Manager, Library Services and International Scholars Program at (614) 722-3203.

If you need an immediate consultation, please call the Physician Direct Connect Line at (614) 355-0221 or 1 (877) 355-0221.

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