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Biopterin/Pteridine/Neopterin (Blood and Urine Profile)


Name Method Department Units
Biopterin Multiple methods
Send Out

Battery Members

Biopterin, Neopterin

Specimen Requirements

Whole blood

Container Type Container Size Specimen Volume

Blood filter paper card

N/A 3 spots

Frozen - 1 month(s)

Specimen Preparation

  • Transport to laboratory as soon as possible
  • See comments for additional information

Urine - Random

Container Type Container Size Specimen Volume

Sterile container

N/A 10 mL

Room temperature - 4 hour(s)
Frozen - 1 week(s)

Specimen Preparation

  • Protect specimen from light. Cover with foil
  • Transport to laboratory as soon as possible

Reasons for Rejection

  • Not protected from light
  • Use of urine preservative


This test includes neopterin as well as biopterin. In order to run this test as a profile, both the urine and blood spot cards must be sent for testing. Keep away from direct sunlight and heat. Protect urine from light during collection, storage, and shipping. Submit frozen urine and blood spot card if both samples can be collected during the same visit. If there is a delay in collecting a urine specimen, allow blood spot card to dry for 3 hours at room temperature, place in bag, and then freeze the blood spot card, until the urine is collected and ready to send.

There is the ability to test for biopterin or neopterin separate from this profile, but they would need to be a XMIS test. This test is not set up to handle that request. The Sendout lab would have to order those tests as individual tests to the reference lab.

CPT Code

  • 82542
  • 82657