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B-Cell ALL MRD, Peripheral Blood Day 8


Name Method Department Units
BALL MRD, Periperhal Blood Day 8 Flow cytometry
Core Lab, Flow Cytometry %

Battery Members

CD20, CD34, CD19, CD10, CD45

Specimen Requirements

Whole blood

Container Type Container Size Specimen Volume

Purple tube (EDTA)

4 mL 4 mL

Refrigerated - 24 hour(s)

Specimen Preparation

  • Mix by gentle inversion immediately after collection
  • Keep refrigerated

Reasons for Rejection

  • Wrong collection tube
  • Wrong type of specimen


Day 8 minimally residual disease (MRD) testing is performed on peripheral blood on the eighth day after induction of therapy on B-Cell ALL leukemias only. Sample requirement is for 3-5ml of peripheral blood collected in EDTA (purple). Testing is performed Monday through Friday but not on national holidays. Friday samples should be received before 1pm. If sample collection/receipt will be past 1pm on Friday, please call flow cytometry at 614-722-5482 for notification. Technical staff is on-call to perform testing outside of department hours. If you have any questions please call Flow Cytometry. An additional charge for the interpretation will be billed from PPAC (Pediatric Pathology Associates).

CPT Code

  • 88184
  • 88185 (X4)