Meet Roman

Meet Roman

Age: 6
Hometown: Columbus, Ohio
Diagnosis: Microtia/unilateral hearing loss

Roman is a 6 year old boy with infectious energy, smile, and charm.  He was born with microtia (only one of his ears is fully formed). He saw his first Ear, Nose and Throat specialist at Nationwide Children's Hospital when he was just two weeks old and had his first surgery when he was only 10 months old.

Since then, he has had 3 more ear surgeries - a tube placed in his open ear twice to reduce ear infections and protect his hearing, and a series of two surgeries for placement of a Baha hearing implant in his skull.

Roman loves superheroes, especially Spiderman and Batman. He is full of energy all the time – constantly non-stop on the go. He loves to talk, tell stories, and make new friends.

Roman likes to participate in sports, play video games, and take care of his pets (Tyson the boxer, and Daphne the Great Dane, and Ariel the cat). 

If you give him a chance, he will sing you a song, tell you a story, and charm you into being his new best friend. When he grows up, Roman would like to be a policeman.

What does Nationwide Children's mean to Roman’s mom?

“Nationwide Children’s Hospital has provided care, guidance, medical attention, and resources over the past 6 years for Roman and his family.  The doctors, nurses, audiologists, and other staff at Nationwide Children’s Hospital continue to amaze me at every visit and interaction.  They ALWAYS have the child and their family’s best interest and comfort at the forefront, even when it requires a little extra patience and care on their part.  Without the help of Nationwide Children’s Hospital as part of Roman’s care team with his parents, Roman would not be as strong and confident as he is today.”

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