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MyChart Results Release

(From the May 2016 Issue of MedStat)

Medical Staff Communications Corner

MyChart is Nationwide Children’s patient portal that families may join to access results and other patient information. Typically, this is utilized by patients and families who are followed by one or more specialists at Nationwide Children’s. There will be a significant change coming to the MyChart patient portal in late May that has some potential to impact your office work flow. The release delay that has been applied to non-sensitive laboratory tests is being eliminated, and radiology results are now going to be automatically released. Beginning May 30, all MyChart accounts will be able to view many lab and imaging results at the same time they are available to you. This change is in response to multiple factors. In addition to being a new directive of Health and Human Services to provide immediate online access for patients, doing so encourages patient/family engagement, and aligns with the protocols of other regional pediatric and adult hospitals. Ohio State is implementing a similar change to their results release system on May 15. 


  1. Non-sensitive labs results will be released immediately upon completion to those with MyChart access.
  2. Plain film text results will also be released immediately.
  3. Advanced imaging results (CT, MRI, U/S, etc.) will be released after a 3 day delay.
  4. Pathology results will be released after a seven day delay. 

What does this mean for you?
Your patients and families that have a MyChart account may be aware of their lab results before you are. You might wish to notify all of your patients of this potential, and consider informing them that you will respond to results within your usual time frame. It is anticipated that this will increase parent/patient satisfaction, and potentially decrease the number of calls to the doctor’s office looking for test results.

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