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What is going on in the world of Autism research?

Dr. Butter, a psychologist at Nationwide Children's Hospital, talks about what is going on in the world of Autism research: recent studies, statistics and what research is being done at Nationwide Children's Hospital. 

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Question Slide: What kind of Autism research should I be paying attention to as a parent?

Dr. Eric Butter: There is some research that iss basic, that isn't ready yet for any kind of clinical use. And there are some researches oriented towards treatment that is ready to be helpful to people right away. The best thing for you to do is probably talk about the research studies that you're hearing about with your physician.


Question Slide: What is Nationwide Children's doing in the Autism research field?

Dr. Eric Butter: I think research falls into two major categories. One area of research is trying to find the causes of Autism. We also are engaged in a whole bunch of research around how do we provide better care and more effective treatments for children with Autism.


Question Slide: Why is the prevelance of Autism increasing?

Dr. Eric Butter: One in 88 children are diagnosed with Autism. We're not quite sure why Autism rates are increasing, but we have several ideas. One reason we know is that we've built a lot of infrastructure around increasing awareness of Autism.


We've asked pediatrician's to survey all their patients and make sure there aren't early signs of Autism in children as young as 15 or 18 months old.


Question Slide: Why is the criteria for diagnosing Autism chaging?

Dr. Eric Butter: It's revised because of all the research that comes in that tell us more about different kinds of mental health and developmental disabilities. But we're confident that we will be making better and more accurate diagnosis using the new criteria because they're based upon the research of the last 20 years.


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