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What are the signs of Autism?

Listen in as Dr. Karen Ratliff-Schaub talks about the signs of Autism, when parents should start looking for these signs, how the disorder is diagnosed and how parents can get an Autism screening for their child.

Transcript of What are the signs of Autism?


Question Slide: What signs should I look for if I suspect my child may have an Autism Spectrum Disorder?

Dr. Karen Ratliff-Schaub: The thing that parents usually notice first is the language delay. By 15 months, kids should have 20-25 words, and by two years they should be speaking in short phrases like, 'Want cookie', 'Go outside'.

Sometimes parents will also say he doesn't respond to his name, he doesn't seem to kind of listen when I talked to him, those are some other red flags. A lot of these symptoms parents can start noticing by about 15 to 18 months if not, before then.


Question Slide: How is Autism diagnosed?

Dr. Karen Ratliff-Schaub: It is a clinical diagnosis which means we get a sense of history, we examine the child. We do have some tests, a play based assessment called the Autism diagnostic observation schedule.

Unfortunately we don't have a blood test, and we don't have a scan despite all the news about scanning lately, that's not for -that's just research at this point.



Question Slide: When and how should I seek an Autism screening for my child?

Dr. Karen Ratliff-Schaub: Pediatricians can and should do developmental screening and they can screen with a tool specifically looking for signs of autism.


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