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Volunteer of the Year Nominees

Each month we recognize one volunteer who consistently demonstrates outstanding quality of work, quantity of work, customer service, dedication, and mission. Nominations come from staff, families, and other volunteers. The selection process is completed by our Volunteer Advisory Committee—it is a difficult decision! Now it's time to vote for one of our Volunteers of the Month to be given the honor of Volunteer of the Year!

Ballots may be cast by any Nationwide Children's Hospital Employee, Staff Member or Volunteer. Voting will take place March 6 - March 20, 2015.

Cast your vote for the 2014 Volunteer of the Year!

2014 Volunteers of the Month

January Volunteer of the Month: Ronald Herron, 300 hours of service

Congratulations to Ronald Herron on his selection as the January Volunteer of the Month. Ron has been a volunteer at Nationwide Children’s since March 2011 and has dedicated more than 300 hours of service. Janelle Moore, a child life specialist, says, “Ron truly demonstrates the spirit of volunteerism. He exhibits commitment, sustainability and dedication.” Ron has a natural sense of ease with the  patients he works with. “He has such an infectious spirit which is contagious to staff and patients,” adds Shirley, a PACU RN. He also takes great care of his team with his amazing baking and other cooking. The PACU staff is thankful for Ron’s positive attitude, flexibility and commitment to the unit.

February Volunteer of the Month: Mitchell Gilbert, 100 hours of service

Congratulations to Mitchell Gilbert on his selection as the February Volunteer of the Month. Mitch is both an Emergency Department (ED) and Clubhouse Volunteer. He began volunteering in October 2012 and has more than 100 hours of service. Mitch is so dedicated that he volunteered on Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, visiting with children who were in the ED. Mitch has a big heart for all of the children in the hospital and tries his best to help elicit smiles and give encouragement. Mitch is someone who is always wearing a smile and with an upbeat personality and positive energy that infects the staff, patients and families around him.

March Volunteer of the Month: Mahesh Dhulipala, 100 hours of service

Mahesh Dhulipala.jpgMahesh Dhulipala was recognized as the March Volunteer of the Month for his hard work and dedication at the Welcome Desk. A junior at Dublin Scioto Darby High School, Mahesh has been part of the hospital’s teen volunteer program since 2012 and has accumulated 100 hours of service. Mahesh was recognized for his dedication to his volunteer position, including volunteering consistently through the busy holiday season. “Mahesh was really helpful during the Christmas season when all the donations came in. He didn’t hesitate to help load and unload all the packages that we received,” shares Jolanna Wilbon, a Welcome Desk employee.

April Volunteer of the Month: Gino Dettorre, 250 hours of service

Congratulations to Gino Dettorre on his selection as the April Volunteer of the Month. A senior at Bishop Watterson High School, Gino has been a part of our teen program since 2011. Starting as a Reach Out and Read volunteer on main campus, he worked his way to volunteering at Dublin Close to Home Center. He has accumulated almost 250 hours of service, while doing so with “a huge smile and a get-up-and-go attitude!” says Kelly Daniel, a patient care assistant at the Dublin Close to Home Center.

May Volunteer of the Month: Betty Melragon, More than 2,150 hours of service

Congratulations to Betty Melragon on her selection as the May Volunteer of the Month. Betty has been volunteering for more than 16 years and has dedicated more than 2,150 hours of service. Through all of the changes at Nationwide Children’s, Betty has devoted her time to the tiny patients in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) for 12 years. “Betty is an amazing person, always smiling!” shares Christina Wackler, RN. “We see her bright and early cuddling the babies at their first sign of crying,” adds Kelly Kennedy, RN. C4C NICU thanks their “superhero” for her dedication and support.

June Volunteer of the Month: Susan McClure, More than 400 hours of service

susan mcclureCongratulations to Susan McClure on her selection as the June Volunteer of the Month. Susan began volunteering in May 2010 and has contributed more than 400 hours of service. Susan provides comfort and a sense of normalcy to our patients by reading to them, playing with them and even holding them. “She is a very kind individual who is not intimidated by transitions,” says the staff on the H8 pulmonary unit. She has truly embraced her role as a volunteer and travels from Ashland, Ohio each week to volunteer. Family and Volunteer Services wants to thank her for her continued dedication and support.


July/August Volunteers of the Month: Kaitlin Keenan and Kyle Lind, 190 combined hours of service

Kaitlin Keenan Kyle LindCongratulations to Kaitlin Keenan and Kyle Lind on their nominations for July/August Volunteers of the Month. Kaitlin has volunteered since November 2012 and has contributed almost 100 hours. Kyle began volunteering July 2013 and has contributed almost 90 hours of service. This dynamic duo, who volunteers with the Art Cart, is known to take on difficult challenges with enthusiasm and a positive attitude. “All of the kiddos at Nationwide Children’s and the department of Family and Volunteers Services greatly appreciate their enthusiasm and the effort they put into their volunteer work,” shares Arleen Tripp, child life specialist and art cart supervisor.

September Volunteer of the Month: John Hahn, More than 185 hours of service

John HahnRecognized as the September 2014 Volunteer of the Month, John Hahn has been an Information Desk volunteer since August 2013 and has logged more than 185 hours of service. Not afraid to ask questions, John continues to build his knowledge of the hospital through his engagement with families and staff. “John is kind beyond measure and effortlessly engages with children and families to make their interaction with him worry-free,” shares Julie Roy. Staff members take notice how John does what it takes to help the Information Desk run smoothly, in addition to his typical duties.

October Volunteer of the Month: Eve Hollywood-Giertz, More than 60 hours of service

Eve Hollywood

Congratulations to Eve Hollywood-Giertz on her selection as the October Volunteer of the Month. Eve began volunteering with our Reach Out and Read program in January 2014 and has contributed more than 60 hours of service. Eve is known for providing an energetic experience for children waiting on their appointment. Staff members share, “It is a pleasure listening to her reading and talking to our patients.” Nationwide Children’s Hospital and Olentangy Primary Clinic are very lucky to have you! Thank you for all that you do!


November Volunteer of the Month:Julie Grove, More than 110 hours of service

Julie GroveCongratulations to Julie Grove on her selection as the November Volunteer of the Month. Julie has been volunteering in the Family Resource Center (FRC) for one year and has more than 110 hours of service. Julie has an inherent understanding that meeting the needs of families is the primary goal in the FRC. “It is truly a privilege to have someone of Julie’s caliber honor us with the gift of her time,” says Jennifer Patterson, a family liaison in the Family Resource Center.


December Volunteer of the Month: David Sanchez, More than 800 hours of service

David SanchezCongratulations to David Sanchez on his selection as the December Volunteer of the Month. David has been volunteering in the Sibling Clubhouse since 2009 and has almost 800 hours of service. David is always ready and willing to go above and beyond his day-to-day responsibilities. He performs magic tricks with the children and they love trying to get him to give up his secrets. “The kids have no problem letting their parents go on their way when David is around. Thank you for everything that you do,” says Vicky Lutmer and Mary Myers, sibling liaisons in the Clubhouse.

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