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Driving for Patient Champion, Ryan Katz

Travis PastranaBirthday: Oct. 8, 1983
Hometown: Annapolis, Md.
Resides: Annapolis, Md.
Wife: Lyn-Z
Hobbies: Big Buck Hunter video game, rally racing, cycling and a small thing called Nitro Circus
Twitter: @TravisPastrana

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Meet Ryan

Hometown: Reisterstown, Maryland
Age: 13
Diagnosis: Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Hyper Sensitive GI, Hyperalgesia

From the very beginning of his life, Ryan Katz was not healthy. His journey with doctor visits, misdiagnoses, and unanswered questions began at only 8 weeks old when his parents took him to an endocrinologist in their home state of Maryland. Ryan had gastrointestinal issues, and physicians seemed to be running into walls when it came to treatment. Finally, Ryan saw a doctor at Johns Hopkins Hospital who urged the Katz family to see Dr. Carlo Di Lorenzo at Nationwide Children’s Hospital. Dr. Di Lorenzo and his team discovered that Ryan had been severely misdiagnosed and overly medicated. He has a complicated gastrointestinal disorder that Dr. Di Lorenzo had never seen before that is known as Hyper Sensitivity. Doctors had previously been treating Ryan for the more common counterpart to his diagnosis –  Hypo Sensitivity. Ryan also has Hyperalgesia, which means he has an increased sensitivity to pain.

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Since Ryan’s visit, in April of 2012, he’s grown five inches and has gained 25 pounds. Before coming to Nationwide Children’s, he was unable to attend school, and unable to participate in his own life. Today, instead of staying on the couch in pain, he spends time outside playing baseball with his Dad. His experience has led him to be very empathetic and compassionate – Ryan is designing welcome packets for other patients of Nationwide Children’s who have similar diagnoses to his own, so that they can feel comforted and know that they are not alone.


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