Global Training Program

The Global Training Program of the Center for Pediatric Trauma Research (CPTR) seeks to promote optimal care of the injured patient by enhancing treatment and minimizing harm following injury.

The program has three objectives:

  • To sponsor a six-month training program for trauma research scholars from the developing world in trauma research methods focused on improving the outcomes for injured persons
  • To create an international trauma speakers program at the Center for Pediatric Trauma Research
  • To collaborate on trauma research with investigators in the developing world

Visiting Scholars

CPTR’s Global Visiting Scholar’s program is part of a larger International Visiting Scholars Program that was established in 2004 as part of the International Training Program in Injury Research at the Center for Injury Research and Policy (CIRP). Selected scholars are matched with a faculty member who serves as their mentor. Scholars apply for a non-immigrant visiting scholar visa and are expected to sign an agreement stating their intent to return to their home country. Global scholars receive in-depth training in trauma research methodology and have the opportunity to pursue research projects with the goal of publishing in U.S. peer-reviewed journals.

International Speakers

In order to enhance global scientific exchange, the Global Training Program invites international trauma experts to Columbus, Ohio for academic exchanges in trauma research and trauma care.

Global Collaboration

The Center for Pediatric Trauma Research has established international cooperative agreements to conduct collaborative injury-related and trauma research with the following organizations:

  • Tongji Medical College, People's Republic of China, March 2005 - Present
  • Wuhan Medical and Health Center for Women and Children, People's Republic of China, May 2006 – Present

Pediatric Surgery Rotating Observation in Columbus for Excellent Student Scholars (PROCESS)

PROCESS is an international student program carried out in cooperation with Surgical Academic Faculty in Poland (including the former Minister of Health). The program selects students to grant a 1 month observership at NCH from competing student-applicants from 12 medical universities in Poland. Applicants are ranked based on their academic performance, research, involvement in humanitarian programs, and other achievements. 

This international student rotation is valued for its goal of introducing the philosophy of high quality patient and family-centered care, superb organization of medical training, education and research, and state-of-the-art approach to medical problems in the milieu of a very advanced and resourceful institution (Nationwide Children's). Recipients get exposed to surgical operations, dressings and other procedures, clinics and training on a DaVinci robot, as well as participation in meetings and academic conferences.  They also have the opportunity to be involved in clinical research.

In 2017, 7 students were selected from 14 applicants for the 1 month rotations.

Additional International Opportunities

Additional opportunities exist for international collaborations through Nationwide Children's programs.

  • The International Scholars Program (ISP) provides opportunities for faculty, staff and trainees from all over the world but places an emphasis on developing countries.
  • One program within ISP, the Stecker Scholar Program brings outstanding academic pediatric surgeons to Nationwide Children's for a 3 month funded observational experience.

Global Health- China Medical Program

Program Purpose: The Global Health-China Medical Program at Nationwide Children’s Hospital seeks to provide a short-term opportunity, 1-3 months for residents and fellows or 1 week for physicians, for them to travel to the People’s Republic of China to enhance their knowledge and skills in pediatric care.

China Partners: The Global Health-China Medical Program will send residents/fellows to top children’s hospitals in China. Wuhan Medical & Healthcare Center for Women and Children (Center) in central China is the first host site.  The Center is a pediatric academic medical center of Tongji Medical College, which consists of 3 outpatient departments and 2,000 hospital beds. The Center has more than 1,900 employees, and 86% are professional medical staff. With an annual number of more than 1.9 million outpatient visits, approximately 74,000 inpatients, and close to 30,000 surgical cases, Wuhan Medical & Healthcare Center for Women and Children is among the top three large academic pediatric medical centers in China. The center is the training site for medical students, residents, and fellows of Tongji Medical College, Wuhan University, Hubei University of Chinese Medicine, and Henan Xinxiang Medical College.

Clinical Service: The Global Health-China Medical Program residents/fellows will be matched with pediatric physicians at the Wuhan Medical & Healthcare Center for Women and Children to provide clinical service to pediatric patients. The hosting clinical departments include Pediatric General Surgery, Pediatric Internal Medicine, Respiratory Disease, Nephrology, Endocrinology& Hereditary Metabolism, Hematology and Oncology, ENT, Medical Imaging, and the Clinical Research Center.

Public Health and Community Health Service: Residents/fellows who are interested in public health and community health Service in China will have opportunities to learn from professionals at the Wuhan Medical & Healthcare Center for Women and Children about ongoing community health programs as well as to visit the Wuhan city and provincial Center for Disease Control, Tongji Medical College, and School of Public Health (ranked as the #1 school of public health in China).

International Travel: International air travel to Wuhan, China is convenient via several major cities in the USA. Scholars can travel to Beijing or Shanghai first, then transfer to Wuhan, or take an express train to Wuhan.

Language Translator: The official language used in clinical and community services at the Wuhan Medical & Healthcare Center for Women and Children is Mandarin Chinese. However, mentoring faculty members are competent in spoken and written English. Many of faculty members received training in the USA or other western countries. If needed, an English translator will be provided.

Lodging and Local Transportation: Lodging and local transportation will be provided to scholars free of charge by the Wuhan Medical & Healthcare Center for Women and Children. Personal travel to other cities for sightseeing can be arranged through the Wuhan Medical & Healthcare Center for Women and Children, but scholars are responsible for the cost. 

Contact Information: For more information, please contact Nicole O'Brien MD, Global Health Certificate GME Program Director,, Phone: 614-722-3693, or Dr. Henry Xiang, Professor and Director of Center for Pediatric Trauma Research,, Phone: 614-355-5893.

Current Visiting Global Scholars
  • Mi Huang, MD, MSC is an associate senior physician in spine surgery at Wuhan First Hospital in Wuhan, China. He has been a spine surgeon there for over 10 years. From 2012-2013, he participated in advanced studies at Peking University Third Hospital. He joined us here at Nationwide Children's and OSU as a visiting scholar in 2017. Dr. Huang’s research areas of interest include spinal degenerative disease, osteoporosis and spinal cord injury.
  • Xueqiang Yan, MD is a pediatric surgeon at Wuhan Children’s Hospital in Wuhan, China. He has received several medical awards in China, including “Young and Middle-Aged Backbone Talents in Medicine in Wuhan” and “Outstanding Young and Middle-Aged Paper Reward” from the Chinese Medical Association. He arrived at Nationwide Children's as a visiting scholar in 2018. Dr.Yan’s research interests include early differential diagnosis methods of biliary atresia, surgical treatment of biliary atresia and liver tumors.
Past Visiting Global Scholars

Long Term (6 months or more)


  • Dr. Mi Huang People’s Republic of China
  • Dr. Xueqiang Yan People’s Republic of China
  • Dr. Lu Xu People’s Republic of China
  • Dr. Shuyan Han People’s Republic of China
  • Dr. Lihong Huang People’s Republic of China


  • Dr. Cheng Chen People’s Republic of China
  • Dr. Qingbin Meng People’s Republic of China
  • Dr. Honggang Yi. People’s Republic of China


  • Dr. Zhenkun Wong People’s Republic of China
  • Dr. Hongmei Li People’s Republic of China


  • Dr. Hongwei Jiang People’s Republic of China

Short Term (under 6 months)


  • Michal Dutkiewicz Poland
  • Agata Nogalska Poland


  • Dr. Joanna Sliwka Poland
  • Kacper Kroczek Poland
  • Katarzyna Solecka Poland
  • Michalina Drejza Poland
  • Katarzyna Zimmer Poland
  • Kaja Tycholiz Poland
  • Julia Gonciarz Poland


  • Rana Tamraz Jordan
  • Oluwaseyi Ognini Nigeria
  • Anna Stepniak Poland
  • Maciej Piasecki Poland
  • Daniel Lewandowski Canada/Poland
  • Kinga Michalewska Poland
  • Katarzyna Baranowska Poland
  • Monika Walankiewicz Poland


  • Konrad Pieszek Poland
  • Wojciech Przywara Poland
  • Natalia Bajorek Poland
  • Dominika Smyczek Poland
  • Peter Olaitan Nigeria