Rehab Camp

2018 Registration is Now Closed

As of May 18, the online registration for Rehab Camp is now closed. We are unable to accept any more applications.

You will be receiving a packet of information and additional forms that need to be returned to us by June 12, 2018. If you have registered, you will receive a confirmation from us via email by May 25.

If you do not receive this confirmation by May 25, please email


These forms below will be mailed with pre-addressed envelopes upon receiving your RSVP.  Please utilize the below links if your forms are lost.

Please return all forms by June 12 to:

Nationwide Children’s Hospital
700 Children’s Drive
Columbus, OH 43205
Attn: Rochelle Krouse, Inpatient Therapies
Room: H09B-D09503


Recreation Unlimited
7700 Piper Rd.
Ashley, OH 43003
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Drop-Off/ Pick-Up

Drop-Off: 9 am on Saturday, July 14 at Recreation Unlimited
Pick-Up: 10:30 am - 11 am on Sunday, July 15 at Recreation Unlimited

What to Bring

  • Flashlight

  • Bed sheets, blanket or sleeping bag, and pillow

  • Towel and washcloth (if you plan on showering/bathing)

  • Bathing suit, swim shoes, beach towel

  • Flip flops

  • Sun Block (if special need)

  • Bug Spray (if special need)

  • Extra clothes – Underwear, jacket/sweatshirt/rain coat (prepare for all weather!)

  • Tennis shoes

  • Water shoes or old tennis shoes for the "Aquatic Playground"

  • Toothpaste and toothbrush

  • Toileting supplies

  • Deodorant and soap

  • Bag for dirty/wet clothes

  • Medications - Please bring all medications labeled and in the ORIGINAL CONTAINER (this needs to be done even if camper is independent – ALL MEDS WILL BE LOCKED UP), complete with directions for their use. Also, remember to include enough for Camper’s entire stay.

  • Necessary adaptive equipment for meals and activities

  • *OPTIONAL*: small bedside fan (the cabins do not have A/C) – staff plans on bringing some fans as well for the cabins.   

Note: We will have sunscreen and insect repellant for all the participants. Please be sure to let us know if there are allergies or sensitivities to these products


  1. All forms are due back to Rochelle Krouse by June 12. 

  2. For the safety of our participants, we request that you have your medications labeled in separate containers with dosage and frequency.  We will not be able to administer medications that are not clearly labeled with patient name, medication dosage and frequency.

  3. Please be sure to label all items and equipment so that your personal items can be returned.