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What are the Clinical Implications of Crescentic Glomerulonephritis?

The Pediatric Nephrology Research Consortium’s most recent study investigates the risk factors for disease progression in children with glomerulonephritis and crescents on kidney biopsy.

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Improving Guidelines for Pediatric Hypertension Diagnosis

Pediatric hypertension now affects more than 3% of children and adolescents. A recent pilot study highlights additional diagnostic criteria for clinicians to consider when evaluating children for hypertension.

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Determining Ureteropelvic Junction Obstruction Surgical Success Using Biomarkers

A follow-up study of a trial that initially identified four biomarkers that differ between healthy controls and pediatric patients about to undergo surgery for ureteropelvic junction obstruction has confirmed that two of these biomarkers may also be useful in determining whether the obstruction has successfully resolved post-surgery.

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Preventing and Ameliorating Acute and Chronic Kidney Damage After Chemotherapy

Research looking at mitochondrial targets in kidney health holds promise for cisplatin-induced kidney injury.

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What is the Association Between Kidney Injury and Fluid Balance in Premature Newborns?

A positive fluid balance is associated with acute kidney injury and worse outcomes in a new study of premature infants.

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Transforming Medical Science Through Research Affinity Groups

How a urology and nephrology affinity group redefined the meaning of collaborative research, propelling field-changing innovations in translational medicine

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Answers to Burning Questions About Pediatric Urinary Tract Infections

Nationwide Children’s urologists and nephrologists answer common questions about pediatric urinary tract infections (UTIs) for primary care providers.