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Placental Pathology Placental Pathology
Embryo (Placental pathology), Fetus (Placental pathology), Placental Pathology, Pregnancy loss, Products of conception, Stillborn (Placental pathology), Abortion (Placental pathology), IUFD (Placental pathology)
Plasminogen Activity Plasminogen Activity
Plasminogen Activity, Plasminogen Functional, Plasminogen Functional Plasma
Platelet Aggregation Platelet Aggregation
Platelet Aggregation, Plt Agg, Platelet Agg, Platelet Aggregation with ATP Release, Platelet Aggregation with Luminescence, Lumi Agg, PLTA, Lumi Platelet Aggregation
Platelet Antibodies, Indirect Platelet Antibody Screen
Antiplatelet Antibodies, Antiplatelet Circulating Platelet Antibodies, Circulating Platelet Antibody, HPA-la, Indirect Platelet Antibody, PLA-1, Platelet Antibodies Qualitative, Platelet Antibody Serum, Platelet Antibody Screen
Platelet Count Platelet Count
Platelet Count
Platelet Function Analysis Platelet Function Analysis
Closure Time, PFA 100, Battery member of von Willebrand Workup, Platelet Function Analysis
Platelet Markers Platelet Markers
Platelet glycoproteins, CD41, CD42b, CD61, GPIIb, GPIb, GPIIIa
PM/Scl-100 Antibody, IgG by Immunoblot PM-1 Antibodies
PM1 Antibody , PM-1 Antibody, PM-SCL Antibody ID, PM SCL Antibody ID, ANA, Antinuclear Antibodies, FANA, Fluorescent Antinuclear Antibodies, PM/Sci-100 IgG, Polymyositis,
POC (Products of Conception) / Tissue Microarray Analysis POC (Products of Conception) Microarray Analysis
POC microarray, POC array, POC oligonucleotide microarray, POC SNP microarray, POC array comparative genomic hybridization (aCGH), POC aCGH, Fetal tissue microarray, Placental microarray, Pregnancy loss microarray, Umbilical cord microarray, Tissue microarray, Miscarriage microarray
POC Microarray with 5-Cell Chromosome Analysis POC Microarray with 5-Cell Chromosome Analysis
Products of Conception (POC) Microarray, POC Microarray with Abbreviated Karyotype, POC Microarray with 5-Cell Karyotype, POC Microarray with Limited Karyotype, Miscarriage Microarray, Pregnancy Loss Microarray
POLG Gene Sequencing POLG Gene Sequencing
POLG1, POLGA, POLG alpha, MEMSA (myoclonic epilepsy, myopathy, ataxia), Alpers Huttenlocher syndrome , Childhood myocerebro-hepatopathy spectrum (MCHS), Ataxia neuropathy spectrum (ANS), Progressive external ophthalmoplegia (PEO), Valproic acid (VPA) induced liver failure, POLG mutation analysis, POLG sequence analysis, Mitochondrial DNA depletion syndrome 4A, Mitochondrial DNA depletion syndrome 4B
Poliovirus (Types 1, 3) Antibodies, Neutralization Poliovirus Ab, Neutralization
Polio Antibodies, Polio Antibody Neutralization
Porphobilinogen (PBG), Urine Porphobilinogen, Urine
Porphbilinogen, Urine, PBG Quantitative, Watson-Schwartz Test, Porphyria Acute
Porphyrins, Fractionation & Quantitation, Urine Porphyrins, Urine Fraction
Coproporphyrins, Urine, Porphyrins, Fractionated Urine, Uroporphyrins, Urine, Porphyria Cutanea Tarda , Heptacarboxyl Porphyrin, Hexacarboxyl Porphyrin, PBG, Pentacarboxyl Porphyrin, porphobilinogen
Post-Transplant Analysis, Bone Marrow Engraftment Bone Marrow Engraftment - Post Transplant
Molecular Post BMT, Chimerism study, Chimerism testing, Post transplant, Post BMT testing, Post-BMT recipient genotyping, Bone marrow transplant , Post BMT testing by DNA markers, Post-BMT DNA typing, Sorted cell chimerism by molecular DNA genotyping, HSCT post-transplant, Stem cell transplant
Potassium Potassium
K, Potassium
Potassium, Feces Potassium, Feces
Stool, Fecal, Feces, Stool Potassium, Fecal Potassium, Feces Potassium, Potassium Fluid (Feces), Electrolytes, Feces
Potassium, Fluid Potassium, Fluid
K, Fluid, Potassium Fluid
Potassium, Urine Potassium, Urine
K, Urine, Potassium Urine
Potassium, Urine Output Potassium, Urine Timed
K, Urine Output, Potassium, Urine Output, 24 hour Urine Potassium
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