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Guide Name Test Name Updated Synonyms Test Code
Osmolality Osmolality
Measured osmolality
Osmolality, Urine Osmolality, Urine
Osmolality, Urine
Osteocalcin Assay Osteocalcin Assay
Osteocalcin, BGLAP, bone gamma-carboxyglutamic acid-containing protein, N-MID osteocalcin, Osteocalcin (OCN)
Ova and Parasite Examination Ova and Parasite Examination
O and P, Stool, Ova-Parasite Examination, Stool, Cystoisospora (Isospora), Cyclospora, Schistosomiasis, Schistosoma, Larvae of Parasitic Helminths (Worm)
Oxalate, Urine Oxalates, Urine
Oxalates, Urine, Hyperoxaluria
Oxcarbazepine or Eslicarbazepine Metabolite (MHD) Eslicarb Metabolite (MHD)
Oxcarbazepine Metabolite, Trileptal, 10-Hydroxycarbazepine, 11-Dihydrocarbamazepine, MHC, MHD, 10-OH-Carbazepine (MHD), Eslicarbazepine, GP 47680, Metabolite of Oxcarbazepine, Monohydroxy Carbamazepine, Monohydroxy Carbamazepine (MHD), Oxcarbazepine
Oxidative Burst Assay Oxidative Burst Assay
CGD Screen, Oxidative Burst Assay, Respiratory Burst, Chronic Granulomatous Disease, Substitute for NBT Test, DHR, OBA
Purines and Pyrimidines Panel, Urine Purines and Pyrimidines Panel, Urine
5-hydroxymethyluracil, Adenine, Adenosine, Deoxyadenosine, Deoxyguanosine, Deoxyinosine, Guanosine, Hyperuricemias, Hypoxanthine, Inosine, Orotic Acid, Pyrimidine, Succinyladenosine, Thymidine, Thymine, Uracil, Uric Acid, Uridine, Xanthine, S-Sulfocysteine
SNP Microarray Analysis (Chromosomal Microarray) SNP Microarray
Microarray analysis, Chromosome microarray (CMA), Chromosomal microarray (CMA), Whole genome microarray, CGH+SNP microarray, oligonucleotide + SNP microarray, Array CGH, aCGH (array comparative genomic hybridization), SNP array, Oligonucleotide array, Oligo array, SNP chip
Targeted Oncology Microarray Analysis Targeted Oncology Microarray Analysis
LOH, SNP micorarray, cancer microarray, cancer array, cancer SNP microarray, Wilms tumor microarray, Neuroblastoma microarray, Neuroblastoma segmental aneuploidy, Neuroblastoma segmental loss of heterozygosity, Neuroblastoma loss of heterozygosity 1p and 11q, Wilms Tumor loss of heterozygosity 1p and 16q, genome oncology array, cancer oncology genome array, Wilms tumor segmental loss of heterozygosity, cancer genome microarray, Neuroblastoma LOH, Tumor SNP array, Wilms Tumor LOH, Tumor SNP microarray, Wilms tumor 1q gain, NBL segmental aberrations, Cancer chromosomal microarray, oncology chromosomal microarray, oncology microarray, oncology snp microarray, oncology genome array, Cancer genome array, Neuroblastoma array, Wilms tumor array, cancer oncology microarray, Neoplastic SNP microarray, Neoplastic array, neoplastic genome array
Total B Cell (CD19, CD20) Quantitation by Flow, Blood Total B Cell (CD19, CD20) Quantitation by Flow, Blood
RTX, Rituximab, Epratuzumab, CD20, CD19, Ofatumumab, Anti CD20
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