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Acetylcholine Receptor Binding Antibody Acetylchol Receptor Ab, Bind
Acetylcholine Receptor Antibody (Binding), AChR Antibody, ACHR blocking antibody, Muscle nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptor (AChR) Bin, Myasthenia Gravis Antibodies
Acetylcholine Receptor Blocking Antibody Acetylchol Receptor Ab, Block
AChR Antibody, ACHR blocking antibody, Muscle nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptor (AChR) Blo, Myasthenia Gravis Antibodies, Acetylcholine Receptor Blocking Antibody
Acetylcholine Receptor Modulating Antibody Acetylchol Receptor Ab, Mod
Acetylcholine Receptor Antibody (Modulating), AChR Antibody, ACHR modulating antibody, Muscle nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptor (AChR) Mod, Myasthenia Gravis Antibodies
Acylglycines, Quantitative, Urine Acylglycine Conjugates, Urine
Acylglycine Conjugates, Urine, Acylglycines Quantitative Urine, 2-Methylbutyryl-CoA Dehydrogenase Deficiency, EE (Ethylmalonic Encephalopathy), GA II (Glutaric Acidemia Type II), Glutaric Acidemia (GA) type I and II, Glutaric Acidemia Type I and II, Glutaryl-CoA Dehydrogenase (GCDH) Deficiency, Isovaleric Acidemia (IVA), MCAD (Medium-Chain Acyl-CoA Dehydrogenase) Def, Isovaleryl-CoA Dehydrogenase (IVD), MCKAT (Medium-Chain 3-Ketoacyl-CoA Thiolase) Def, Methylmalonic Acidemia, Methylmalonic Aciduria (MMA), Short/Branched-Chain Acyl-CoA Dehydrogenase) Def, SBCAD Deficiency, 2-Methylbutyryl Glycinuria, MADD (order OAU and ACYLG), IVA (Isovaleric Acidemia), GAII , GA 1, GA 2
Allergen, Food, Avocado IgE Allergen, Avocado IgE
Alligator Pear, Butter Pear, Midshipman's Butter, Vegetable Butter, ImmunoCAP® f96, Persea americana
Allergen, Food, Cantaloupe IgE Allergen, Food, Cantaloupe IgE
Armenian Cucumber, Honeydew Melon, Common Melon, Muskmelon, Cucumis melo spp., ImmunoCAP f87
Allergen, Food, Kiwi IgE Allergen, Food, Kiwi IgE
Chinese Gooseberry, Kiwifruit, Monkey Peach, Sheep Peach, A. chinensis deliciosa, A. latifolia var. deliciosa , Actinidia deliciosa , ImmunoCAP f84
Allergen, Food, Macadamia Nut IgE Allergen, Macadamia Nut IgE
Macadamia ternifolia , Rf345
Allergen, Food, Mango IgE Allergen, Food, Mango IgE
ImmunoCAP® f91 , Mangifera indica
Allergen, Food, Turkey IgE Allergen, Food, Turkey IgE
ImmunoCAP® f284 , Meleagris gallopavo
Allergen, Fungi and Molds, Candida albicans Allergen, C. Albicans IgE
Monilia albicans, ImmunoCAP® m5
Allergen, Grass, Cultivated Corn Pollen IgE Allergen, Cult. Corn Pollen IgE
Maize Pollen, Zea Mays Pollen, Corn Pollen , ImmunoCAP® g202
Allergen, June Grass IgE Allergen: June Grass IgE
Allergen: June Grass, Kentucky Bluegrass, Meadow Grass
Allergen, Mite farinae IgE Allergen: Mite farinae IgE
Allergen Mite farinae, Mite farinae allergen, Dust mite farinae, Dermatophagoides farinae, House Dust Mite, Allergen Environ: Mite farinae
Allergen, Mite ptero. IgE Allergen: Mite ptero. IgE
Allergen Mite pteronyssinus, Dust mite pteronyssinus, Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus, Mite ptero. allergen, House Dust Mite, Allergen Environ: Mite ptero.
Allergen, Mouse Epithelium IgE Allergen, Mouse Epithelium IgE
Common House Mouse IgE, ImmunoCAP e71, Mus spp. Epithelium
Allergen, Mouse Urine IgE Allergen: Mouse Urine IgE
Mouse Urine, Allergen Environ
Alpha 1 Fetoprotein, ENHANCED Alpha 1 Fetoprotein, ENHANCED
AFP Extra, Alpha-1-Fetoprotein, ENHANCED, Fetoprotein, Alpha 1, Enhanced, Quad Screen, unconjugated estriol , HCG, Inhibin A, Alpha-Fetoprotein Maternal Serum Quad Screen, Enhanced AFP with Inhibin A, Maternal Alpha Fetal Protein, Quad Screen for Down Syndrome, Neural Tube Defect, Trisomy 18, AFP1B, AFP3NT, AFP4NT
Amino Acid Quantitative, Serum Amino Acid Quant, Serum
Amino Acid Quantitative, Serum, Phosphoserine, Taurine, Phosphoethanolamine, Aspartic Acid, Hydroxyproline, Threonine, Serine, Asparagine, Glutamic Acid, Glutamine, Sarcosine, Proline, Glycine, Alanine, Citrulline, Valine, Methionine, Cystine, Isoleucine, Leucine, Tyrosine, Cystathionine, Phenylalanine, Homocystine, Tryptophan, Ornithine, Lysine, 1-Methylhistidine, Histidine, 3-Methylhistidine, Anserine, Carnosine, Arginine, Alloisoleucine
Amino Acid Quantitative, Urine Amino Acid Quant, Urine
Phosphoserine, Taurine, Phosphoethanolamine, Aspartic Acid, Hydroxyproline, Threonine, Serine, Asparagine, Glutamic Acid, Glutamine, Sarcosine, Proline, Glycine, Alanine, Citrulline, Valine, Methionine, Cystine, Isoleucine, Leucine, Tyrosine, Cystathionine, Phenylalanine, Homocystine, Ornithine, Lysine, 1-Methylhistidine, Histidine, , 3-Methylhistidine, Anserine, Carnosine, Arginine, Alloisoleucine,
Amphetamine / Methamphetamine, Urine Amphetamine/Methamphetamine, Urine
Methamphetamine / Amphetamine
Anatomic Pathology Consult Anatomic Pathology Consult
Referral, Material request, Second opinion, Slide request
Anatomic Pathology Consult
Aneuploidy Screen by FISH, Tissue Tissue Aneuploidy Screen by FISH
POC Aneuploidy Screen by FISH, POC Aneuploidy FISH, POC Trisomy FISH, POC Tetraploidy FISH, FFPE Aneuploidy FISH, Formalin Tissue FISH, POC Turner Syndrome FISH, PET Aneuploidy FISH, Miscarriage Aneuploidy FISH, Autopsy Aneuploidy FISH, Placental Tissue Aneuploidy FISH, Fetal Tissue Aneuploidy FISH, Paraffin Tissue Aneuploidy FISH, Pregnancy Loss Aneuploidy FISH, AneuVysion FISH, POC Triploidy FISH, Aneuploidy FISH
ANO5 Gene Sequencing ANO5 Gene Sequencing
LGMD2L, Anoctamin 5, Limb-girdle muscular dystrophy type 2L, LGMD, LGMD type 2L, Miyoshi muscular dystrophy 3, Limb girdle muscular dystrophy, ANO5 sequence analysis, ANO5 mutation analysis
Anti Mitochondrial A Anti Mitochondrial A
Anti-Mitochondrial A, AMA, Mitochondrial Antibody
Anti Mullerian Hormone Anti Mullerian Hormone
AntiMullerian, MIF, MIH, MIS, Mullerian inhibiting factor, Mullerian-inhibiting hormone, Mullerian-inhibiting substance, AMH
APTT Mixing Studies APTT Mixing Studies
Activated Partial Thromboplastin Time Mixing Studies, Mixing Studies, APTT, Battery member of Lupus Anticoagulant Workup
B Cell ALL MRD Bone Marrow Testing BALL MRD Bone Marrow Testing
MRD, B-CELL ALL, DAY 29, End of Consolidation,
B-Cell ALL MRD, Peripheral Blood Day 8 BALL MRD, Periperhal Blood Day 8
Beta 2 Microglobulin, Serum Beta 2 Microglobulin, Serum
B2 Microglobulin, Beta Microglobulin, Microglobulin Beta 2, B2M Serum, Beta-2-Microglobulin S, Beta 2 Microglobulin
Beta 2 Microglobulin,CSF Beta 2 Microglobulin, CSF
Beta-2-Microglobulin, Microglobulin Beta2, Beta 2 Microglobulin, B2M, B2M (Beta-2 Microglobulin) CSF Test, Beta 2 Microglobulin CSF Test
Bone Marrow Pathology Bone Marrow Pathology
Bone marrow aspiration, Bone Marrow Pathology, Leukemia(Bone Marrow Pathology), Metastasis (Bone Marrow Pathology), Metatstatic (Bone Marrow Pathology)
BRAF V600 Mutation Analysis BRAF V600 Mutation Analysis
BRAF V600 variant detection, BRAF codon 600 mutation, BRAF exon 15 targeted sequencing, BRAF V600E mutation detection, BRAF V600K mutation detection, BRAF V600R mutation detection, BRAF V600 cancer testing, BRAF V600 tumor testing, BRAF V600 somatic testing, Low grade pediatric glioma, Ganglioglioma, Pleiomorphic xanthoastrocytoma (PXA), Diffusely infiltrative astrocytoma, Melanoma, Hairly cell leukemia, Papillary thyroid carcinoma, Thyroid cancer, Colon cancer, Ovarian cancer, Endometrial cancer, BRAF V600E, c.1799T>A, p.Val600Glu mutation
Cancer Antigen-Breast (CA 15-3) Cancer Antigen-Breast
Breast Cancer Antigen, CA 15, Cancer Antigen, Breast, CA 15-3, MUC-1, Mucin-Like Carcinoma-Associated Antigen, CA-Breast, CA153
Chromosome Analysis, Tissue (Postnatal, POC, or Autopsy) Tissue Chromosome Analysis
Tissue chromosome analysis, Tissue karyotype analysis, Skin biopsy chromosome analysis, Skin biopsy karyotype analysis, Fibroblast chromosome analysis, Fibroblast karyotype analysis, Autopsy chromosome analysis, Tissue karyotyping, Surgical tissue chromosome analysis, Autopsy tissue chromosome analysis, Products of conception (POC) chromosome analysis, POC chromosome analysis, Placental tissue chromosome analysis, Fetal tissue chromosome analysis, Umbilical cord tissue chromosome analysis, Miscarriage chromosome analysis, Spontaneous abortion chromosome analysis, Stillbirth chromosome analysis, Fetal autopsy chromosome analysis, POC karyotyping
Copper, Liver Tissue Copper, Liver Tissue
Wilson's Disease, Copper (Cu), Cu (Copper), Metals, Tissue
Creatine Kinase Isoenzymes Creatine Kinase Isoenzymes
CK Isoenzymes, CPK Isoenzymes, Creatine Kinase Isoenzymes, CKBB , CKMB , CK, Macro CK, Mitochondrial C, Isoenzymes CK, CPK Isoenzyme Electrophoresis, Creatine Phosphokinase, CK Macro, CK-BB, CK-MM, Isoenzyme of Creatine Kinase, Isoenzymes, CK, Macro Creatine Kinase, CK Fractionation, CPK
Culture- Acid Fast Bacillus, Blood/Bone Marrow AFB Culture, Blood/Bone Marrow
Acid Fast Bacillus Culture, Blood / Bone Marrow, Blood Culture, Mycobacterium , Mycobacteria
Culture- Acid Fast Bacillus, Cutaneous/Soft Tissue AFB Culture, Superficial
Acid Fast Bacillus Culture, Cutaneous / Soft Tissue, AFB Culture, Lesion, AFB Culture, Cutaneous / Soft Tissue, Mycobacterium , Mycobacteria
Culture- Acid Fast Bacillus, Respiratory AFB Culture, Respiratory
Acid Fast Bacillus Culture, Respiratory, Respiratory AFB Culture, TB Culture, Culture, Tuberculosis (AFB), Mycobacterium , Mycobacteria
Culture- Acid Fast Bacillus, Tissue/Fluid AFB Culture, Tissue/Fluid
Acid Fast Bacillus Culture, Tissue / Fluid, AFB Culture, Tissue, Tissue, AFB Culture, Fluid, AFB Culture, AFB Culture, Fluid, Culture, Tissue (AFB), Culture, Fluid (AFB), Mycobacterium , Mycobacteria
Culture- Bacterial, MRSA Screen Culture, MRSA Screen
Culture, MRSA Screen, Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus Screen, Bacterial Culture
Cytochemical Stains ( ANBE, MPO) Special Stains
ANBE, MPO, Myeloperoxidase, ANBE with Fluoride, Cytochemical Stains
Dysferlin (DYSF) Gene Sequencing Dysferlin (DYSF) Gene Sequencing
Dysferlinopathy, DYSF mutation analysis, DYSF sequence analysis, LGMD, LGMD2B, LGMD type 2B, Limb-girdle muscular dystrophy type 2B, Limb girdle muscular dystrophy, Miyoshi distal myopathy
Familial Mutation Analysis Familial Mutation Analysis
Familial gene sequencing, Familial variant analysis, Single site mutation testing, Single-site mutation testing, Mutation confirmation, Confirmatory mutation testing, Known mutation testing, Targeted mutation testing, Targeted variant analysis, Targeted germline mutation testing, Single mutation testing, Targeted Sanger sequencing
Fatty Acid Profile, Essential, Serum Fatty Acid Profile, Essential, Serum
C12-C22, Fatty Acid Profile, Essential, Essential Fatty Acids, Long-Chain Fatty Acids (LCFA), Omega 3, Omega 6, Omega 7, Omega 9, Omega fatty acids, Soft-FAPEP, Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids, Lauric Acid, Myristic Acid, Hexadecenoic Acid, Palmitoleic Acid, Palmitic Acid, Gamma-Linolenic Acid, Alpha-Linolenic Acid, Linoleic Acid, Oleic Acid, Vaccenic Acid, Stearic Acid, Eicosapentaenoic Acid, Arachidonic Acid, Mead Acid, Homo-Gamma-Linolenic Acid, Arachidic Acid, Docosahexaenoic Acid, Docosapentaenoic Acid, Docosatetraenoic Acid, Docosenoic Acid, Nervonic Acid, Total Lipid Fatty
FBN1 Gene Sequencing FBN1 Gene Sequencing
FBN1 mutation analysis, FBN1 sequence analysis, Fibrillin, Marfan syndrome, MASS syndrome, Familial ectopia lentis
FISH Analysis FISH Analysis Only
Metaphase FISH, Constitutional FISH, Microdeletion syndrome, Microduplication syndrome, DiGeorge / Velocardiofacial syndrome (22q11.2), 22q11.2 deletion, Angelman syndrome (15q11.2-13), Prader-Willi syndrome (15q11.2-13), Cri-du-chat (5p-) syndrome (5p15.2), Wolf-Hirschhorn (4p-) syndrome (4p16.3), Williams syndrome (7q11.23), Smith-Magenis syndrome (17p11.2), Kallmann syndrome (Xp22.3), Miller-Dieker syndrome (17p13.3), Steroid sulfatase deficiency (STS) (Xp22.3), X-linked ichthyosis STS deletion, XIST deletion (Xq13.2), SRY detection (Yp11.3), Phelan-McDermid syndrome (22q13.3), Custom FISH analysis, Specialized FISH analysis, FISH for chromosome rearrangement, Chromosome translocation FISH, Chromosome inversion FISH, Marker chromosome FISH, Chromosome insertion FISH, Centromere FISH, Telomere FISH, Microdeletion FISH analysis
FKRP (Fukutin-Related Protein) Gene Sequencing FKRP (Fukutin-Related Protein) Gene Sequencing
Fukutin-related protein, LGMD, LGMD2I, LGMD type 2I, Limb-girdle muscular dystrophy type 2I, Limb girdle muscular dystrophy, Congenital muscular dystrophy type 1C, Merosin-deficient congenital muscular dystrophy, Merosin-deficient CMD type 1C (MDC1C), Muscle-eye-brain disease, Muscular dystrophy-dystroglycanopathy (MDDG), MDDG type C5, MDDG type A5, MDDG type B5
Heavy Metals Panel 3, Blood Heavy Metals, Blood
Arsenic, Blood (Heavy Metals Screen), Heavy Metals, Blood, Mercury, Blood (Heavy Metals), Lead , Element testing, As, Hg, Pb
Hematologic Cancer Fusion Analysis Hematologic Cancer Fusion Analysis
Heme fusion detection, Leukemia fusion, Leukemia translocation, Leukemia rearrangement, Lymphoma fusion , Lymphoma translocation, Lymphoma rearrangement, Myeloma fusion , Myeloma translocation, Myeloma rearrangement, Blood cancer fusion detection, Heme cancer fusion panel, Tumor profiling, Tumor somatic profiling, Tumor molecular profiling, Tumor fusion profiling, Somatic fusion detection, RNA fusion detection, Cancer gene fusion detection, Pan-heme fusion detection, Pan heme fusion panel, Hematologic fusion panel, Archer FusionPlex NGS Assay, Philadelphia chromosome-like ALL, Ph-like ALL, Ph like ALL, B-ALL fusion
Human Metapneumovirus by PCR Qualitative Human Metapneumovirus PCR,Qual
Human Metapneumovirus PCR, Metapneumovirus PCR, hMPV by PCR
IDUA Gene Sequencing IDUA Gene Sequencing
Hurler syndrome, Hurler-Scheie syndrome, Scheie syndrome, Mucopolysaccharidosis type I, Mucopolysaccharidosis type 1, IDUA deficiency, Alpha-L-iduronidase deficiency, IDUA mutation detection, IDUA sequence analysis, IDUA sequencing, MPS I, MPS-I, MPS 1, MPS1, MPS-1
Imipramine and Desipramine Imipramine and Desipramine
Desipramine (including Imipramine), Imipramine and Desipramine, Tofranil, Imavate, Presamine, Antideprin, Deprenyl, Deprimin, Deprinol, Eupramin, Janimine, Melepramin, Norpramin, Novo-Parmine, TCA, Surplix, Tricyclic Antidepressants , Impril, Irmin
Immunofixation Electrophoresis IFE Quantitation, Serum
Serum Protein Electrophoresis, Immunoelectrophoresis, Monoclonal Protein Detection Quantitation and Char, IFE, MGUS study, Monoclonal Protein Study, Mutiple Myeloma Study, Protein ELP, SPEP, MGUS study
KMT2D (MLL2) Gene Sequencing KMT2D (MLL2) Gene Sequencing
KMT2D, MLL2, Kabuki syndrome
LAMA2 (Merosin) Gene Sequencing LAMA2 (Merosin) Gene Sequencing
MDC1A, LAMA-2 related congenital muscular dystrophy, Merosin-deficient congenital muscular dystrophy 1A, Limb-girdle muscular dystrophy, Limb girdle muscular dystrophy, LGMD, Laminin alpha-2 deficient CMD, Early-onset LAMA2 deficiency, Late-onset LAMA2 deficiency
Liver Kidney Microsomal Antibody Liver Kidney Microsomal Ab
Kidney Microsomal Antibody, Liver Kidney Microsomal Antibody, Liver Microsomal Antibody, LKM, Microsomal Antibody, Liver and Kidney, P450 2D6 Antibody, IgG, Liver-Kidney Microsome - 1 Antibody, IgG, Anti-P450 2D6 Antibody, AntiP450 2D6 Antibody, IgG, LKM-1 Antibody, IgG, LKM-1 IgG, LKM1 IgG, LMK1
Lysosomal Enzyme Screen Lysosomal Enzyme Screen
Lysosomal enzyme screen, Lysosomal storage disease screen, Lysosomal storage disease enzyme panel, Krabbe disease, Mucopolysaccharidosis (MPS I, IIIB, IVB, VI, VII), Gaucher disease, Pompe disease, Fabry disease, Hurler-Scheie syndromes, Sanfilippo syndrome, Lysosomal diseases panel, Niemann-Pick disease
Lysosomal MPS Screen Lysosomal MPS Screen
Lysosomal enzyme screen, Lysosomal storage disease, Mucopolysaccharidosis, GM1 gangliosidoses , Beta-glucuronidase deficiency, Beta galactosidase, 4MU-Beta-D-galactoside, 4MU-a-L-iduronide, a-L-iduronidase, Mucopolysaccharidosis (MPS I, IIIB, IVB, VI, VII), Hurler-Scheie syndromes (MPS I), Hurler Scheie syndromes (MPS I)
Lysozyme, Serum Lysozyme, Serum
Muramidase serum, Serum lysozyme
M. tuberculosis Nucleic Acid Amplification Test M. Tuberculosis Direct Test
TB, Tuberculosis, Mycobacterium, M. TB
Magnesium Magnesium
Magnesium, Mg
Magnesium, Fluid Magnesium, Fluid
Mg, Fluid, Magnesium Fluid
Magnesium, RBC Magnesium, RBC
Magnesium, RBC, Mg, RBC, RBC Magnesium
Magnesium, Urine Magnesium, Urine
Mg, Urine
Magnesium, Urine Output Magnesium, Urine Timed
Magnesium, Urine Output, Mg, Urine Output, 24 hour Urine Magnesium
Manganese, Whole Blood Manganese, Whole Blood
Mn, Manganese, RBC Manganese, Whole Blood, MNB (Manganese Whole Blood), Element testing, Mn, WB
Manual Differential WBC Manual Differential
Peripheral Smear
MAP2K1 (MEK1) Gene Sequencing MAP2K1 (MEK1) Gene Sequencing
MEK1, Noonan syndrome, Cardio-facio-cutaneous (CFC) syndrome, MAP2K1 mutation analysis, MAP2K1 sequence analysis, Noonan spectrum disorder, RASopathy
MAP2K2 (MEK2) Gene Sequencing MAP2K2 (MEK2) Gene Sequencing
Noonan syndrome, Cardio-facio-cutaneous (CFC) syndrome, MP2K2 mutation analysis, MAP2K2 sequence analysis, Noonan spectrum disorder, RASopathy, MEK2
Maple Syrup Disease Monitor MSUD Monitor
Maple Syrup Disease Monitor, MSUD
Maternal Cell Contamination (MCC) Study Maternal Cell Contamination (MCC) Study
Maternal cell contamination analysis, Molar pregnancy, mole, MCC study
Meconium Drug Test Meconium Drug Test
Meconium Drug Test, Drugs of Abuse Screen 10 panel Meconium, Drug Panel 10 meconium
Meningitis/Encephalitis Panel Meningitis/Encephalitis Infection Array
CSF panel, Meningitis panel, Meningitis array, Meningitis PCR
Mercury, Whole Blood Mercury, Blood
Hg, Blood, Mercury, Blood, HGB, Element testing, Hg WB
Metanephrines, Fractionated, 24 Hour, Urine Metanephrines, Fractionated, 24 Hour, Urine
Free Metanephrine, Metanephrines free, urine, NMN (Normetanephrines), urine, Normetanephrine, (NMN), free, Normetanephrines, urine, Fractionated metanephrines, Urine Creatinine
Metanephrines, Fractionated, Random, Urine Metanephrines, Fract. Urine
Metanephrines free, urine, NMN (Normetanephrines), urine, Normetanephrine, (NMN), free, Normetanephrines, urine, Fractionated metanephrines, Free Metanephrine
Methotrexate Methotrexate
Methotrexate, MTX
Methylmalonic Acid Methylmalonic Acid
Plasma Methylmalonic Acid, MMA, Methylmalonate, Methylmalonic Acidemia
Methylmalonic Acid, Serum or Plasma (Vitamin B12 Status) Methylmalonic Acid, B12 Status
Cobalamin Deficiency (Vitamin B12 Deficiency), Methylmalonate , MMA (Vitamin B12 Deficiency), Vitamin B12 Deficiency (Methylmalonic Acid), MMA (Methylmalonic Acid Serum or Plasma
Mexiletine, Serum or Plasma Mexiletine
Mexiletine, Mexitil
Microalbumin, Urine Microalbumin, Urine Package
Mitochondrial DNA Screen (Point Mutations & Deletions) Mitochondrial DNA Screen
LHON, MELAS, NARP, MERRF, mtDNA Deletion Syndromes, Leber Hereditary Optic Neuropathy
Mitochondrial Respiratory Chain Enzyme Analysis Mito. Respiratory Chain Enzyme
Mitogen Stimulation Mitogen Stimulation
Lymphoblastic Transformation, Mitogens, Mitogen Stimulation, Lymphocyte Mitogen Proliferation, Mitogen Proliferation, PHA, Con A, ConA, PWM
Monocyte Subset Quantitation by Flow, Blood Monocyte Subset Quantitation by Flow, Blood
CD14 Monocytes, CD16 Monocytes, Classical Monocytes, Non-Classical Monocytes
Mononucleosis Screen Mono Screen
Heterophile Antibody, Mononucleosis Screen, EBV screen, EBV Ig M
Mononucleosis Screen, EBV on Negative Mono Screen, EBV on Negatives
EBV, Epstein Barr Virus, Mononucleosis Screen, EBV on Negative
MPL Sequence Analysis MPL Sequence Analysis
Thrombopoietin Receptor (TPOR) Deficiency, Congenital Thrombocytopenias, congenital amegakaryocytic thrombocytopenia, CAMT
MPO Antibodies (Myeloperoxidase Antibody) MPO Antibodies
MPO Antibodies, Myeloperoxidase Antibodies
MTHFR Polymorphism Analysis (C677T & A1298C) - NOT ORDERABLE MTHFR Polymorphism Analysis (C677T & A1298C) - NOT ORDERABLE
Methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase, Methylene tetrahydrofolate reductase, MTHFR common variants detection, MTHFR mutation analysis, MTHFR C677T variant, MTHFR c.665C>T, MTHFR A1298C variant, MTHFR c.1286A>C, Hyperhomocysteinemia
Mucopolysaccharides (MPS) Screen, Urine, to MAYO Mucopolysaccharides (MPS) Screen, Urine, to MAYO
Mucopolysaccharides Screen (MPS)U, Arylsulfatase B Deficiency, Berry Spot, Beta-Galactosidase Deficiency, Beta-Glucoronidase Deficiency, Chondroitin Sulfate, Dermatan Sulfate, GAGS (Glycosaminoglycans, Galactose-6-Sulfatase Deficiency, Heparan Sulfate, Hunter Syndrome, Hurler Syndrome, Hurler/Scheie Syndrome, Iduronate Sulfatase Deficiency, Iduronidase Deficiency, Keratan Sulfate, Lysosomal Storage Disease, Maroteaux Lamy Syndrome, Maroteaux-Lamy Syndrome, Morquio A or B, MPS I OR II OR III OR IVA OR IVB OR VI OR VII, Mucopolysaccharides, Multiple Sulfatase Deficiency, Sanfilippo Syndrome, Scheie Syndrome, MSD (Maple Syrup Disease), Lysosomal Storage, Sly Syndrome
Mucopolysaccharides (MPS), Quantitative, Urine Mucopolysaccharides
Arylsulfatase B Deficiency, Beta-Galactosidase Deficiency, Beta-Glucoronidase Deficiency, Chondroitin Sulfate, Dermatan Sulfate, GAGS (Glycosaminoglycans), Galactose-6-Sulfatase Deficiency, Heparan Sulfate, Hunter Syndrome, Hurler Syndrome, Hurler/Scheie Syndrome, Iduronate Sulfatase Deficiency, Iduronidase Deficiency, Keratan Sulfate, Lysosomal Storage, Lysosomal Storage Disease, Maroteaux Lamy Syndrome, Morquio A, Morquio B, MPS I, MPS II, MPS III, MPS IVA, MPS IVB, MPS VI, MPS VII, Mucopolysaccharides, Multiple Sulfatase Deficiency, Sanfilippo Syndrome, Scheie Syndrome, Sly Syndrome, Berry Spot, MSD (Maple Syrup Disease), MPSQN Mayo Test Code, Urine GAG
Mumps Virus Antibody (IgG) Mumps Ab, IgG
Mumps Virus Antibody (IgG)
Mumps Virus Antibody, IgM Mumps Antibody, IgM
Mumps Antibodies, IgM, Parotitis, Mumps Virus Antibody IgM, Mumps Antibody IgM, Parotitis (Mumps Virus Antibody IgM), MMR, Mumps Serology, Mumps IgM
Muscle Biopsy Muscle Biopsy
Biopsy, Muscle, Muscle biopsy, Muscular Dystrophy
MYCN Amplification by FISH, Neuroblastoma FISH Tumor Analysis (N-MYC)
MYC-N Oncogene Amplification, N-MYC Oncogene Amplification, N-MYC FISH, MYCN FISH NBL, MYCN (2p24.3) Amplification, Neuroblastoma (NBL) FISH, NMYC FISH
MYCN and MYC Amplification by FISH, Medulloblastoma FISH Tumor Analysis (Medulloblastoma)
Medulloblastoma FISH, MYCN gene amplification detection, MYC gene amplification detection, N-MYC FISH, C-MYC FISH, N-MYC Oncogene FISH, C-MYC Oncogene FISH, MYC (8q24) Amplification, MYCN (2p24.3) Amplification, CMYC FISH
Mycophenolic Acid, Serum Mycophenolic Acid
MPA, CellCept, MPA-G (Mycophenolic Acid Glucuronide), Mycophenolate Mofetil, Myfortic, Mycophenolic Acid S, 81563 test code Mayo
Mycoplasma Pneumoniae Antibody (IgG) Qualitative Mycoplasma Ab, IgG
Mycoplasma Pneumoniae Antibody (IgG), Qualitative Mycoplasma IgG
Mycoplasma Pneumoniae Antibody (IgM) Qualitative Mycoplasma Ab, IgM
Mycoplasma Pneumoniae Antibody (IgM), Qualitative Mycoplasama IgM
Mycoplasma pneumoniae by PCR, Qualitative Mycoplasma Pneumoniae by PCR
Mycoplasma pneumoniae by PCR, Mycoplasma PCR, M. pneumo PCR, walking pneumonia
Mycoplasma pneumoniae CSF by PCR, Qualitative M. pneumoniae CSF by PCR, Qual
MPN CSF by PCR, walking pneumonia
Myelin Associated Glycoprotein (MAG) Antibody, IgM Myelin Associated Glycoprotein
MAG, Myelin Associated Glycoprotein (MAG) Antibody, IgM, Myelin Associated Glycoprotein Antibody, IgM
Myelin Basic Protein Myelin Basic Protein
Myelin Basic Protein, MBP ARUP test code, 80515 ARUP ref lab code
Myoglobin, Urine Myoglobin, Urine
Urine myoglobin, Myoglobin, Urine
Myotilin (MYOT) Gene Sequencing Myotilin (MYOT) Gene Sequencing
Myotilinopathy, Myotilin-related myopathy, Myofibrillar myopathy, LGMD, LGMD1A, LGMD type 1A, Limb-girdle muscular dystrophy type 1A, Limb girdle muscular dystrophy, MYOT mutation analysis, MYOT sequence analysis
Myotonic Dystrophy (DM1) Comprehensive Analysis Myotonic Dystrophy
Myotonic Dystrophy, DMPK Gene, Myotonic Dystrophy, DM-1
NGS Periodic Fever Syndromes Panel NGS Periodic Fever Syndromes Panel
Familial Mediterranean fever, Familial Hibernian fever, TNF receptor associated periodic syndrome (TRAPS) , Mevalonate kinase deficiency, Hyper-IgD syndrome, Mevalonic aciduria, Muckle-Wells syndrome, Familial cold autoinflammatory syndrome, Neonatal onset multisystem inflammatory disease, NOMID, Chronic infantile neurologic cutaneous & articular, CINCA syndrome, Cyclic neutropenia, Severe congenital neutropenia, Pyogenic arthritis, pyoderma gangrenosum, and acne, PAPA syndrome, Majeed syndrome, MEFV, TNFRSF1A, MVK, NLRP3, CIAS1, ELANE, ELA2, PSTPIP1, LPIN2, NLRP12
NGS RASopathy Panel (Noonan Spectrum Disorders NGS Panel) NGS RASopathy Panel (Noonan Spectrum Disorders)
Noonan spectrum disorders Next-Gen gene panel, Noonan syndrome gene panel, Noonan-related genes, RASopathies panel, Costello syndrome, Cardio-facio-cutaneous (CFC) syndrome, LEOPARD syndrome, PTPN11, SOS1, RAF1, KRAS, NRAS, SHOC2, BRAF, MAP2K1 (MEK1), MAP2K2 (MEK2), HRAS, CBL, RIT1, NF1, SPRED1, Cardiofaciocutaneous syndrome, Noonan spectrum Next-Gen sequencing panel, Noonan NextGen panel
Osmolality Osmolality
Measured osmolality
Oxcarbazepine or Eslicarbazepine Metabolite (MHD) Eslicarb Metabolite (MHD)
Oxcarbazepine Metabolite, Trileptal, 10-Hydroxycarbazepine, 11-Dihydrocarbamazepine, MHC, MHD, 10-OH-Carbazepine (MHD), Eslicarbazepine, GP 47680, Metabolite of Oxcarbazepine, Monohydroxy Carbamazepine, Monohydroxy Carbamazepine (MHD), Oxcarbazepine
Parasites, Blood Smear Blood smear for parasites
Malarial Smear, Parasites, Blood Smear, microfilaria , babesia , trypanosomes
Parental SNP Microarray Analysis (Chromosomal Microarray) Parental SNP Microarray
Parental follow-up microarray, Microarray analysis on parental sample, Parental microarray for known genomic loss/gain, Parental aCGH, Parental array, Parental CGH, Parental chromosomal microarray (CMA), Parental whole genome microarray, Parental CGH+SNP, Parental SNP array, Parental SNP chip
POC (Products of Conception) / Tissue Microarray Analysis POC (Products of Conception) Microarray Analysis
POC microarray, POC array, POC oligonucleotide microarray, POC SNP microarray, POC array comparative genomic hybridization (aCGH), POC aCGH, Fetal tissue microarray, Placental microarray, Pregnancy loss microarray, Umbilical cord microarray, Tissue microarray, Miscarriage microarray
POC Microarray with 5-Cell Chromosome Analysis POC Microarray with 5-Cell Chromosome Analysis
Products of Conception (POC) Microarray, POC Microarray with Abbreviated Karyotype, POC Microarray with 5-Cell Karyotype, POC Microarray with Limited Karyotype, Miscarriage Microarray, Pregnancy Loss Microarray
POLG Gene Sequencing POLG Gene Sequencing
POLG1, POLGA, POLG alpha, MEMSA (myoclonic epilepsy, myopathy, ataxia), Alpers Huttenlocher syndrome , Childhood myocerebro-hepatopathy spectrum (MCHS), Ataxia neuropathy spectrum (ANS), Progressive external ophthalmoplegia (PEO), Valproic acid (VPA) induced liver failure, POLG mutation analysis, POLG sequence analysis, Mitochondrial DNA depletion syndrome 4A, Mitochondrial DNA depletion syndrome 4B
Post-Transplant Analysis, Bone Marrow Engraftment Bone Marrow Engraftment - Post Transplant
Molecular Post BMT, Chimerism study, Chimerism testing, Post transplant, Post BMT testing, Post-BMT recipient genotyping, Bone marrow transplant , Post BMT testing by DNA markers, Post-BMT DNA typing, Sorted cell chimerism by molecular DNA genotyping, HSCT post-transplant, Stem cell transplant
Prothrombin Time Mixing Studies PT Mixing Studies
Mixing Studies, Prothrombin Time, Prothrombin Time, Mixing Studies, PT Mixing Studies
PTEN Gene Characterization Cowden Syndrome/ BRR PTEN Gene Characterization
PTEN Gene Characterization, PTEN Gene Characterization Cowden Syndrome/ BRR , Bannayan-Riley-Ruvalcaba syndrome (BRR, Multiple hamartoma syndrome, Phosphatase and Tensis Homolog
Pyrroles, Urine Pyrroles, Urine
Mauve Factor, Kryptopyrroles, Urinary Pyrroles, Pyrroles Urine, pyrroluria
Rapid Malaria with Parasite Smear Rapid Malaria with Parasite Smear
Rapid Malaria, Malaria Screen
Respiratory Infection Array Respiratory Infection Array
Respiratory array, Film Array, Array, Adenovirus, influenza, flu, Flu A, Flu B, RSV, Respiratory syncytial virus, metapneumovirus, Parainfluenza, Rhinovirus, pertussis, B. pertussis, Bordetella pertussis, Mycoplasma pneumoniae, Mycoplasma , Chlamydophila pneumoniae, Chlamydophila , Parainfluenza 1,2,3,4, Coronavirus (HKU1, OC43, NL63, 229E), B. parapertussis
Rett Syndrome Comprehensive Rett Syndrome Comprehensive
MECP2 Sequencing, MECP2 Del/Dup, Protein name:Methyl-CpG-binding protein 2
Rubeola Virus Antibody (IgG), Qualitative Measles Ab, IgG Qualitative
Measles Antibody IgG Qualitative, Rubeola Virus Antibody IgG Qualitative
SEPN1 Gene Sequencing SEPN1 Gene Sequencing
SEPN1 congenital muscular dystrophy, CMD with early spine rigidity (RSMD1), Multiminicore disease SEPN1-related, SEPN1-related myopathy
SNP Microarray Analysis (Chromosomal Microarray) SNP Microarray
Microarray analysis, Chromosome microarray (CMA), Chromosomal microarray (CMA), Whole genome microarray, CGH+SNP microarray, oligonucleotide + SNP microarray, Array CGH, aCGH (array comparative genomic hybridization), SNP array, Oligonucleotide array, Oligo array, SNP chip
THC, Urine THC, Urine
Cannabinoid, Marijuana, Tetrahydrolcannabinol
Tissue Cell Culture, Cytogenetics Lab Tissue Culture Only, Cytogenetics Lab
Tissue culture only, Tissue culture and cryopreservation, Fibroblast culture only, Skin biopsy tissue culture, Fibroblast cryopreservation for future testing, POC culture only, Cell culture only, Products of conception tissue culture, Muscle biopsy tissue culture, Autopsy tissue culture, Cell cryopreservation
Trazodone Trazodone
Trazodone, Desyrel, Molipaxin
Treponema pallidum Ab by TP-PA Treponema pallidum Ab by TP-PA
MHA-TP, Syphilis TPPA, TP-PA, Treponema Pallidum AB, T. pallidum
Ureaplasma Species and Mycoplasma hominis Culture Ureaplasma, Mycoplasma Culture
Mycoplasma hominis culture, Ureaplasma culture, M. hominis, mycoplasma culture, Ureaplasma urealyticum, Genital Mycoplasma Culture, Mycoplasma hominis Culture (Genital Source)
Volatile Panel, Blood Volatile Panel, Blood
Alcohol, Volatile Panel , Blood Alcohol, Acetone, Ethanol, Isopropanol, Methanol
West Nile Virus Abs, Serum West Nile Virus Antibodies
WNV IgG, WNV IgM, Viral Encephalitis, Mosquito Borne Encephalitis, Flavivirus, Arbovirus
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