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Guide Name Test Name Updated Synonyms Test Code
Acylglycines, Quantitative, Urine Acylglycine Conjugates, Urine
Acylglycine Conjugates, Urine, Acylglycines Quantitative Urine, 2-Methylbutyryl-CoA Dehydrogenase Deficiency, EE (Ethylmalonic Encephalopathy), GA II (Glutaric Acidemia Type II), Glutaric Acidemia (GA) type I and II, Glutaric Acidemia Type I and II, Glutaryl-CoA Dehydrogenase (GCDH) Deficiency, Isovaleric Acidemia (IVA), MCAD (Medium-Chain Acyl-CoA Dehydrogenase) Def, Isovaleryl-CoA Dehydrogenase (IVD), MCKAT (Medium-Chain 3-Ketoacyl-CoA Thiolase) Def, Methylmalonic Acidemia, Methylmalonic Aciduria (MMA), Short/Branched-Chain Acyl-CoA Dehydrogenase) Def, SBCAD Deficiency, 2-Methylbutyryl Glycinuria, MADD (order OAU and ACYLG), IVA (Isovaleric Acidemia), GAII , GA 1, GA 2
Allergen, Alpha-Lactalbumin IgE Allergen, Alpha-Lactalbumin IgE
Native Protein Purified from Cow's Milk, ImmunoCAP® f76, Bos domesticus
Allergen, Avocado IgE Allergen, Avocado IgE
Alligator Pear, Butter Pear, Midshipman's Butter, Vegetable Butter, ImmunoCAP® f96, Persea americana
Allergen, Beta Lactoglobulin IgE Allergen, Beta Lactoglobulin IgE
Native Protein Purified from Cow's Milk, ImmunoCAP® f77 , Bos domesticus
Allergen, C. Albicans IgE Allergen, C. Albicans IgE
Monilia albicans, ImmunoCAP® m5
Allergen, Chickpea IgE Allergen, Chickpea IgE
Garbanzo Bean, Bengal Gram, Cicer arietinus , ImmunoCAP{R} f309
Allergen, Cult. Corn Pollen IgE Allergen, Cult. Corn Pollen IgE
Maize Pollen, Zea Mays Pollen, Corn Pollen , ImmunoCAP® g202
Allergen, English plantain IgE Allergen, English plantain IgE
ImmunoCAP® w9, Plantago lanceolata , Ribwort Plantain, Ribwort, Plantain, Allergen Weed English Plantain, English Plantain
Allergen, Epicoccum IgE Allergen, Epicoccum IgE
Purpurascens, Epicoccum purpurascens , ImmunoCAP® m14
Allergen, Flounder IgE Allergen, Flounder IgE
European Plaice, Plaice, Pleuronectes platessa , Gulf Flounder , ImmunoCAP® f147
Allergen, Food, C.annuum IgE Allergen, Food, C.annuum IgE
Anaheim pepper, Paprika, Capsicum annuum, Cayenne pepper, Cubanelle pepper, Chili pepper, Poblano pepper, Jalapeno pepper, Serrano pepper, Pepper C. annuum IgE, ImmunoCAP f218, Bell pepper
Allergen, Food, Cantaloupe IgE Allergen, Food, Cantaloupe IgE
Armenian Cucumber, Honeydew Melon, Common Melon, Muskmelon, Cucumis melo spp., ImmunoCAP f87
Allergen, Food, Cherry IgE Allergen, Food, Cherry IgE
Sweet Cherry, Wild Cherry, ImmunoCAP{R} f242 , Prunus avium
Allergen, Food, Chestnut IgE Allergen, Food, Chestnut IgE
European Chestnut , ImmunoCAP{R} f206 , Sweet Chestnut, Castanea sativa
Allergen, Food, Garlic IgE Allergen, Food, Garlic IgE
Cultivated Garlic, Poor Mans Treacle, Allium sativum , ImmunoCAP® f47
Allergen, Food, Kiwi IgE Allergen, Food, Kiwi IgE
Chinese Gooseberry, Kiwifruit, Monkey Peach, Sheep Peach, A. chinensis deliciosa, A. latifolia var. deliciosa , Actinidia deliciosa , ImmunoCAP f84
Allergen, Food, Mango IgE Allergen, Food, Mango IgE
ImmunoCAP® f91 , Mangifera indica
Allergen, Food, Navy Bean IgE Allergen, Food, Navy Bean IgE
Pinto Bean, White Bean, Phaseolus vulgaris, ImmunoCAP f15
Allergen, Food, Onion IgE Allergen, Food, Onion IgE
Garden Onion, Shallot, ImmunoCAP® f48 , Allium cepa
Allergen, Food, Oyster IgE Allergen, Food, Oyster IgE
ImmunoCAP® f290 , Ostrea edulis
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