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Guide Name Test Name Updated Synonyms Test Code
1,3 Beta D Glucan (Fungitell) (1,3)-Beta-D-Glucan (Fungitell)
Glucan, Fungitell, 1-3-Beta-D-Glucan, Beta-D-Glucan, 13 Beta D Glucan
Albumin, Fluid Albumin, Fluid
Fluid, Albumin, Albumin Fluid
Aldolase, Serum Aldolase, Serum
Aldolase, Total Aldolase, Fructose-Biphosphate Aldolase
Allergen, Food, Green Bean (String) IgE Allergen, Green Bean IgE
Common Bean, French Bean, Snap Bean, String Bean, Wax Bean, Haricot Bean , ImmunoCAP® f315 , Phaseolus vulgaris
Allergen, Hazelnuts IgE Allergen: Hazelnuts IgE
Allergen Food: Hazelnut, Allergen Hazelnut, Hazelnut, Filbert
Amniotic Fluid Cell Culture, Cytogenetics Lab Amniotic Fluid Culture Only, Cytogenetics Lab
Amnio culture only, Amniocyte culture & cryopreservation, Amniocyte cryopreservation for future testing, Amnio culture for send-out testing only, Amniotic fluid culture - no chromosome analysis, Fetal fluid culture only, IGM Test
Aneuploidy Screen by FISH, Amniotic Fluid (Prenatal) Prenatal Aneuploidy FISH
Prenatal AneuVysion FISH, Amniotic fluid FISH for common aneuploidies, FISH screen for trisomy 21, trisomy 18, trisomy 13, Amniotic fluid FISH for Turner syndrome, Amniotic fluid FISH for monosomy X (45,X), Amniotic fluid FISH screen for chromosomes X and Y, Amniotic fluid fluorescence in situ hybridization, AneuVysion FISH, Aneuploidy FISH Screen, Amnio FISH, IGM Test
Aneuploidy Screen by FISH, Neonatal / Postnatal Aneuploidy by FISH (Neonatal)
Newborn FISH, Aneuploidy FISH, FISH Screen for Aneuploidy, Trisomy 13 FISH, Trisomy 18 FISH, Turner syndrome FISH, 45,X FISH, Triploidy FISH, AneuVysion FISH, Newborn Aneuploidy FISH, IGM Test
Aneuploidy Screen by FISH, Tissue Tissue Aneuploidy Screen by FISH
POC Aneuploidy Screen by FISH, POC Aneuploidy FISH, POC Trisomy FISH, POC Tetraploidy FISH, FFPE Aneuploidy FISH, Formalin Tissue FISH, POC Turner Syndrome FISH, PET Aneuploidy FISH, Miscarriage Aneuploidy FISH, Autopsy Aneuploidy FISH, Placental Tissue Aneuploidy FISH, Fetal Tissue Aneuploidy FISH, Paraffin Tissue Aneuploidy FISH, Pregnancy Loss Aneuploidy FISH, AneuVysion FISH, POC Triploidy FISH, Aneuploidy FISH, IGM Test
Anti-Factor Xa Unfractionated Heparin Anti-Factor Xa Unfract.Heparin
Anti-Factor Xa Unfractionated Heparin, Factor Xa, Unfractionated Heparin, Heparin, Unfractionated Anti-Factor Xa, Unfractionated Heparin Anti-Factor Xa
Anti-Factor Xa-Low Molecular Weight Heparin Assay Anti-Factor Xa-LMWH Assay
Xa, Heparin, Low Molecular Weight, Factor Xa (Anti-), Low Molecular Weight Heparin, Anti-Factor Xa Low Molecular Weight Heparin, Lovenox (enoxaparin)
Aspergillus fumigatus Qualitative PCR Aspergillus fumigatus by PCR
, , Fungus-Aspergillus
Autoimmune And Lymphoproliferative Diseases/Syndromes Panel AND Lymphocyte Subset (T, B, NK Cells) Q Autoimmune And Lymphoproliferative Diseases/Syndromes Panel and Lymphocyte
ALPS Panel by Flow, ALPS, XALPS, TCR alpha/beta, TCR gamma/delta, DNT cells, FC-DNT cells
Brucella Antibodies (IgG, IgM), EIA with Reflex Brucella Antibodies (IgG, IgM), EIA with Reflex
Brucella IgG, IgM, Brucella Serology, Febrile Agglutinins
Carnitine, Total and Free, Serum and Plasma Carnitine, Total and Free
Free Carnitine, Total Carnitine
Chloride, Feces Chloride, Feces
Fecal Chloride, Feces, Stool, Chloride, Feces Chloride, Stool chloride, Chloride fluid (feces), Electrolytes, Feces
Chromosome Analysis, Amniotic Fluid Amniotic Fluid Chromosome Analysis, Standard
Amniotic fluid karyotype, Amnioticentesis sample karyotype, Amniocyte karyotype, Amniotic fluid karyotyping, Prenatal chromosome analysis, NIPT / NIPS confirmation study, Fetal karyotyping, Fetal chromosome analysis, Fetal karyotype, IGM Test
Chromosome Analysis, Percutaneous Umbilical Blood (PUBS) Percutaneous Umbilical Blood Chromosome Analysis
Chromosome Analysis, Percutaneous Umbilical Blood Sample (PUBS), Percutaneous Umbilical Blood Sample, Chromosome Analysis, Percutaneous umbilical blood sampling (PUBS), PUBS chromosome analysis, PUBS karyotype analysis, Karyotype on percutaneous umbilical blood sample, Fetal blood karyotype, PUBS karyotyping, Cordocentesis, IGM Test
Chromosome Analysis, Tissue (Postnatal, POC, or Autopsy) Tissue Chromosome Analysis
Tissue chromosome analysis, Tissue karyotype analysis, Skin biopsy chromosome analysis, Skin biopsy karyotype analysis, Fibroblast chromosome analysis, Fibroblast karyotype analysis, Autopsy chromosome analysis, Tissue karyotyping, Surgical tissue chromosome analysis, Autopsy tissue chromosome analysis, Products of conception (POC) chromosome analysis, POC chromosome analysis, Placental tissue chromosome analysis, Fetal tissue chromosome analysis, Umbilical cord tissue chromosome analysis, Miscarriage chromosome analysis, Spontaneous abortion chromosome analysis, Stillbirth chromosome analysis, Fetal autopsy chromosome analysis, POC karyotyping, IGM Test
Chromosome Breakage Analysis (DEB/MMC) Chromosome Breakage, Blood
Fanconi Anemia, Chromosome Breakage DEB/MMC
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