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Guide Name Test Name Updated Synonyms Test Code
Albumin, Fluid Albumin, Fluid
Fluid, Albumin, Albumin Fluid
ALK Gene Amplification Detection, FISH Tumor Analysis ALK Amplification by FISH, NBL
Neuroblastoma (NBL), ALK Oncogene Amplification, ALK FISH, Neuroblastoma FISH, NBL FISH, Oncology FISH, ALK (2p23.2-p23.1) Amplification
Allergens, Combo Panel Food/Seafood Food/Seafood Allergy Prof IgE
Food/Seafood Allergy Profile
Allergens, Food Profile Food Allergy Profile IgE
Allergen: Food Allergy Profile, Allergy Profile Food, Food Allergy Profile
Chloride, Feces Chloride, Feces
Fecal Chloride, Feces, Stool, Chloride, Feces Chloride, Stool chloride, Chloride fluid (feces), Electrolytes, Feces
Chromosome Analysis, Fetal Fluid Fetal Fluid Chromosome Analysis
Fetal fluid karyotype, Fetal ascites fluid karyotype, Fetal cystic hygroma fluid karyotype, Fetal bladder fluid karyotype, Fetal cystocentesis sample karyotype
Chromosome Breakage Analysis (DEB/MMC) Chromosome Breakage, Blood
Fanconi Anemia, Chromosome Breakage DEB/MMC
Complement C1q, Serum Complement C1q, Serum
First Component of Complement, C1Q (Complement Component C1Q) Serum, Complement Component C1q, Complement Component C1Q Serum, C1, C1Q,
Culture- Fungal, Dermatophyte Fungal Culture, Dermatophyte
Fungal Culture, Dermatophyte
Culture- Fungal, General Fungal Culture, Miscellaneous
Culture, General (Fungal), Fungus, Fungal Culture Miscellaneous, FC
Culture- Fungal, Genital or Throat for Candida Fungal Culture, Gen/Thr
Fungal Culture, Genital or Throat for Candida
Factor II (Prothrombin) Mutation Factor II (Prothrombin) Mutation
Prothrombin (F2) Mutation , Factor 2 mutation analysis, F2 mutation analysis, Prothrombin (Factor II) mutation analysis, Prothrombin-related thrombophilia, 20210G>A mutation, G20210A mutation, Prothrombin (Factor 2) G20210A mutation PCR
Factor II, Quantitative Quantitative Factor II
Factor II, Quantitative, Factor II
Factor IX, Quantitative Quantitative Factor IX
Factor IX, Quantitative
Factor V Leiden Mutation Factor V Leiden Mutation
Factor 5 mutation analysis, F5 mutation analysis, R508Q mutation in F5 gene, c.1691G>A mutation in F5 gene, Factor V Leiden thrombophilia, Factor V Leiden mutation analysis, FVL mutation
Factor V, Quantitative Quantitative Factor V
Factor V, Quantitative
Factor VII, Quantitative Quantitative Factor VII
Factor VII, Quantitative
Factor VIII, Quantitative Quantitative Factor VIII
Factor VIII, Quantitative, Factor VIII:C, Battery member of von Willebrand Workup, Battery member of von Willebrand workup w/o PFA
Factor X, Quantitative Quantitative Factor X
Factor X, Quantitative
Factor XI, Quantitative Quantitative Factor XI
Factor XI, Quantitative
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