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Guide Name Test Name Updated Synonyms Test Code
Cardiac Pathology Cardiac Pathology
Blood vessel (Cardiac Pathology), Cardiac Pathology, Heart (Cardiac Pathology), Transplantation (Cardiac Pathology), Vascular (Cardiac Pathology)
Cat Scratch Antibody Titer (IgG) Cat Scratch Ab, IgG Titer
Bartonella henselae (IgG), Cat Scratch Antibody (IgG), Rochalimaea (IgG)
Cat Scratch Antibody Titer (IgM) Cat Scratch Ab, IgM Titer
Bartonella henselae (IgM), Cat Scratch Antibody (IgM), Rochalimaea (IgM)
Cat Scratch Antibody Titers (IgG, IgM) Cat Scratch Profile Titer
Bartonella henselae Antibodies (IgG, IgM), Cat Scratch Antibodies (IgG, IgM), Rochalimaea (IgG, IgM)
Cat Scratch PCR Blood Cat Scratch PCR Blood
Bartonella henselae PCR Blood, Cat Scratch Disease PCR Blood
Cat Scratch PCR Lymph node Cat Scratch PCR Lymph node
Bartonella henselae PCR Lymph node, Cat Scratch Disease Lymph node, Cat Scratch Abscess
Chromosome Analysis (High Resolution), Peripheral Blood Peripheral Blood, Chromosome Analysis
Blood chromosome analysis, Blood karyotyping, Peripheral blood chromosome analysis, Peripheral blood karyotype (high resolution)
Coagulation Inhibitor Titer Coag Inhibitor Titer
Bethesda Titer, Factor IX Inhibitor, Factor VIII Inhibitor, Inhibitor Studies
Culture- Bacterial, BAL/Bronchoscopy Culture, BAL/Bronchoscopy
BAL Culture, Bronchoscopy Culture, Bronchial Wash Culture, Bronchoalveolar lavage Culture
Culture- Bacterial, Blood/Bone Marrow, Routine Bottles Culture, Blood/Bone Marrow
Blood Culture Routine Bottles (Bacteria), Culture Blood, Culture Bone Marrow
Culture- Bacterial, Body Fluid Culture, Body Fluid
Bacterial Culture, Body Fluid, Joint Fluid Culture, Knee Fluid Culture, Peritoneal Fluid Culture, Synovial Fluid Culture
Culture- Bacterial, Body Fluid (Quantitative) Culture,Misc Body Fluid,Quant
Bacterial Culture, Body Fluid (Quantitative), Culture Miscellaneous Body Fluid Quantitative
Culture- Bacterial, Burn Site Culture, Burn
Bacterial Culture, Burn Site
Culture- Bacterial, CSF Culture, CSF
Bacterial Culture, CSF, Cerebrospinal Fluid Culture, Spinal Fluid Culture, CSF Shunt Fluid Culture
Culture- Bacterial, Deep Abscess/Aspirate Culture, Abscess/Aspirate
Bacterial Culture, Deep Abscess / Aspirate, Abscess Culture, Aspirate Culture
Culture- Bacterial, GC Screen only Culture, GC Screen
Bacterial Culture, GC Screen only, Genital, Bacterial Culture (Screen Only), Neisseria gonorrhoeae Screen Culture
Culture- Bacterial, Genital Culture, Genital
Bacterial Culture, Genital
Culture- Bacterial, Group B Strep Screen Culture, Group B Strep Screen
Bacterial Culture, Group B Strep Screen, Streptococcus agalactiae, Bacterial Culture, Genital Culture for Group B Strep
Culture- Bacterial, IV Catheter Tip Culture, IV Cath Tip
Bacterial Culture, IV Catheter Tip
Culture- Bacterial, Milk/Formula Culture, Milk-Formula
Bacterial Culture, Milk / Formula, Breast Milk, Bacterial Culture
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