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Guide Name Test Name Updated Synonyms Test Code
Allergen, Lambs Quarters Weed (Goosefoot) IgE Allergen: Lambs quarters IgE
Allergen: Lamb's Quarters, Allergen: Goosefoot, Allergen Weed: Lamb's quarters
Allergen, Latex IgE Allergen: Latex IgE
Allergen Occupational: Latex, Allergen: Latex
Allergen, Lobster IgE Allergen: Lobster IgE
Allergen Food: Lobster, Allergen, Lobster
Allergen, Maple Leaf Sycamore IgE Allergen: MapleLeafSycamore IgE
Allergen, Maple Tree IgE Allergen: Maple Tree IgE
Allergen Tree: Maple, Allergen Maple, Allergen Box-Elder, Allergen Tree: Box-Elder
Allergen, Marsh Elder IgE Allergen: Marsh Elder IgE
Allergen Weed: Marsh Elder, Allergen Weed: Rough Marsh Elder, Allergen Marsh Elder, Allergen Rough Marsh Elder
Allergen, Milk (cow) IgE Allergen: Milk (cow) IgE
Allergen Food: Milk (cow), Allergen, Milk (cow)
Allergen, Mite farinae IgE Allergen: Mite farinae IgE
Allergen Mite farinae, Mite farinae allergen, Dust mite farinae, Dermatophagoides farinae, House Dust Mite, Allergen Environ: Mite farinae
Allergen, Mite ptero. IgE Allergen: Mite ptero. IgE
Allergen Mite pteronyssinus, Dust mite pteronyssinus, Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus, Mite ptero. allergen, House Dust Mite, Allergen Environ: Mite ptero.
Allergen, Mountain Cedar IgE Allergen: Mountain Cedar IgE
Allergen Tree: Mountain Cedar
Allergen, Mouse Epithelium IgE Allergen, Mouse Epithelium IgE
Common House Mouse IgE, ImmunoCAP e71, Mus spp. Epithelium
Allergen, Mouse Urine IgE Allergen: Mouse Urine IgE
Mouse Urine, Allergen Environ
Allergen, Mulberry Tree IgE Allergen: Mulberry Tree IgE
Allergen Tree: Mulberry, White Mulberry
Allergen, Oak Tree IgE Allergen: Oak Tree IgE
Allergen Tree: Oak, Allergen: Oak Tree
Allergen, Oat IgE Allergen: Oat IgE
Allergen Food: Oat, Allergen, Oat
Allergen, Orange IgE Allergen: Orange IgE
Allergen Food: Orange, Allergen Orange
Allergen, Pea IgE Allergen: Pea IgE
Allergen Food: Pea, Allergen, Pea
Allergen, Peanut Components IgE Peanut component package
Peanut components, Allergen Food: Peanut, Peanuts IgE , Peanut subcomponents
PCOP (label prints TCPEAN)
Allergen, Peanuts IgE Allergen: Peanuts IgE
Allergen Food: Peanut
Allergen, Pear IgE Allergen, Pear IgE
ImmunoCAP® f94 , Pyrus communis
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