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Vitamin B3, Niacin


Name Method Department Units
Vitamin B3 (Niacin) Quantitative High Performance Liquid Chromatography
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Specimen Requirements

Plasma Spun

Container Type Container Size Specimen Volume

Purple tube (EDTA)

6 mL 4 mL

Frozen - 2 month(s)

Specimen Preparation

  • Centrifuge immediately, separate supernatant and freeze
  • Transfer to an ARUP Amber Transport Tube
  • Protect specimen from light. Cover with foil

Reasons for Rejection

  • Refrigerated specimen
  • Room temperature receipt
  • Lipemic specimen
  • Not protected from light
  • Thawed frozen specimen
  • Gross hemolysis


CRITICAL FROZEN. Specimen must be processed and frozen within 30 minutes of collection. Protect sample from light.

CPT Code

  • 84591