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Ureaplasma Species and Mycoplasma hominis Culture


Name Method Department Units
Ureaplasma, Mycoplasma Culture Cell Culture
Send Out Negative or Positive

Specimen Requirements

CSF, Body fluid, Respiratory tract specimen, Cervical swab, Urethra swab, Urine

Container Type Container Size Specimen Volume

M4 collection kit

N/A Swab or 0.5 mL fluid

Room temperature - 8 hour(s)
Refrigerated - 2 day(s)
Frozen - -70 for 30 day(s)

Reasons for Rejection

  • Not submitted in proper transport media
  • Wrong type of specimen


Be sure to include specimen source when submitting a sample. M4 RT is not acceptable. This culture will recover both Mycoplasma hominis and Ureaplasma spp., if present. Immediately place the swab or minimum volume of specimen into the container with M4 media. Once samples are in the proper M4 media and frozen, the samples must be stored at -70. -20 freezing is not acceptable.

CPT Code

  • 87109