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Trichomonas vaginalis Amplified Probe


Name Method Department Units
Trich. vag. Amplified Probe Transcription-Mediated Amplification (TMA) and the Hybridization Protection Assay (HPA)
CMI, Molecular Infectious Disease

Battery Members

Specimen Description, T. vaginalis amp.

Specimen Requirements


Container Type Container Size Specimen Volume

Sterile container

N/A 10-20 mL

Room temperature - 24 hour(s)
Refrigerated - 24 hour(s)

Vaginal swab, Endocervical swab

Container Type Container Size Specimen Volume

Aptima Multitest Swab specimen collection kit

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Room temperature - 60 day(s)
Refrigerated - 60 day(s)
Frozen - 12 month(s)

Reasons for Rejection

  • Specimen handling other than described
  • Not received within specified time frame
  • Wrong type of specimen
  • Collected in wrong swab system


Test performed on FEMALE (urine, vaginal or endocervical) and MALE urine specimens. Urine samples: Patient should not have urinated for at least 1 hour prior to specimen collection. Patient should collect first portion of a voided urine (first part of stream- not midstream) into a screw-capped, sterile, plastic, preservative-free specimen collection container. Do not collect more than 20mL of urine. Females should NOT clean the labial area prior to urination. Swab samples: Large white swab is for preparatory cleaning of the endocervix and is unacceptable for testing. Specimen will be rejected if the APTIMA Swab Transport tube contains no swab, 2 swabs, or a non-Aptima kit collection swab. Vaginal, Enodcervical or Urethral specimens must be submitted in the Aptima Vaginal Swab collection kit. Please place the label vertically and in the center of the transport tube.

CPT Code

  • 87661