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Testosterone,Total, Free, and SHBG


Name Method Department Units
Testosterone,Total, Free, and SHBG High-pressure liquid chromatography/tandem mass spectrometry (HPLC/MS-MS), equilibrium dialysis
Electrochemiluminescence immunoassay (ECLIA)
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Total testosterone, Free Testosterone, SHBG, Sex Hormone Binding Globin (Included)

Specimen Requirements

Serum Spun

Container Type Container Size Specimen Volume

Red tube, (no anticoagulant), No Gel

6 mL 2 mL

Gold tube, (SST) with Gel

3.5 mL 2 mL

Red Tube (no anticoagulant) with Gel

3 mL 2 mL

Room temperature - 2 day(s)
Refrigerated - 2 day(s)
Frozen - 20 month(s)

Specimen Preparation

  • Centrifuge within 1 hour, separate supernatant and freeze

Reasons for Rejection

  • Wrong collection tube


Test includes Free and Total Testosterone and Sex Hormone Binding Globulin. Serum must be separated from cells within 1 hour of collection.

CPT Code

  • 84402
  • 84403
  • 84270