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TdT Stain


Name Method Department Units
TdT Immunofluorescent stain
Core Lab, Flow Cytometry

Specimen Requirements

Bone marrow smear, Blood smear, Cytospin preparation

Container Type Container Size Specimen Volume

Air-dried smears

4 4

Room temperature - 14 day(s)

Specimen Preparation

  • Keep at room temperature

Reasons for Rejection

  • Broken slides
  • Insufficient slides for proper evaluation of cellular reaction


Bone Marrow: Submit at least 2 air-dried bone marrow smears and a Wright stained bone marrow smear. Peripheral Blood: Submit at least 2 air-dried peripheral smears and a Wright stained peripheral blood smear. Cytospin preparations: Submit at least 3 cytospins from a cellular suspension or body fluid. Call the flow cytometry lab at 614-722-5482 if a cellular suspension will be submitted for testing. Please provide laboratory findings and clinical history when submitting specimen for testing. Test may include interpretation by Pathologist, with additional charge billed from Pediatric Pathology Associates (PPAC).

CPT Code

  • 86255