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Mucopolysaccharides (MPS), Quantitative, Urine


Name Method Department Units
Mucopolysaccharides Spectrophotometry (SP)
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Specimen Requirements

Urine - Random

Container Type Container Size Specimen Volume

Sterile container

N/A 2 mL

Refrigerated - 15 day(s)
Frozen - 12 month(s)

Specimen Preparation

  • Collect specimen in morning immediately after awakening.
  • Transport to laboratory as soon as possible


It is important for the ordering physician to be aware that there is an in-house Mucopolysaccharides (MPS) screening test. The in-house test code is MPSU, for Mucopolysaccharides, Urine Spot Test. The in-house test is typically recommended first. Please be clear when ordering if both tests are intended to be ordered and supply enough sample for both in separate containers. For the reference lab test, it is important to include the patient's age. For best results, an early morning random urine sample is preferred. This test is most often associated with patients already diagnosed with MPS.

CPT Code

  • 83864