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Cortisol, Saliva


Name Method Department Units
Cortisol, Saliva Quantitative Enzyme Immunoassay
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Specimen Requirements


Container Type Container Size Specimen Volume

Salivette Collection Device

N/A Saturated Swab

Room temperature - 1 week(s)
Refrigerated - 3 week(s)
Frozen - 6 month(s)

Specimen Preparation

  • Transport to laboratory as soon as possible

Reasons for Rejection

  • Wrong type of specimen
  • Specimen handling other than described
  • Contaminated with blood
  • Contamination
  • pH not within specified limits


For full collection instructions refer to the attached collection instructions. Do not collect specimen within 60 minutes after eating a meal, within 12 hours after consuming alcohol, immediately after brushing teeth or after any activity that may cause gums to bleed. Rinse mouth thoroughly with water 10 minutes before specimen collection. Recommended collection time is between 11:00 p.m. - 1:00 a.m. Collect saliva with the Salivette swab as described . The swab must be completely saturated to ensure sufficient volume for testing. Specimen Preparation; transfer saturated swab to plain (non-citric acid) cotton Salivette collection device. Record the time of collection on the test request form, and on Salivette transport container.

CPT Code

  • 82533