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Chromosome Analysis from Existing Cell Culture


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Chromosome Analysis from Existing Cell Culture Chromosomal analysis

Specimen Requirements

Contact Laboratory Services for requirements

Container Type Container Size Specimen Volume

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Room temperature - NA hour(s)

Reasons for Rejection

  • Specimen not preserved


Please click on the Lab Form Link in the Forms Section to print and complete the Genetic Test Requisition Form. Completed Genetics Test Requisition required. This test is intended for adding on chromosome analysis to the existing cell culture sample in the laboratory; cell culture from blood, amniotic fluid, products of conception, and tissue samples may be used. If STAT chromosome analysis add-on is desired, please call (614) 722-5321 and ask to speak to a laboratory genetic counselor to discuss feasibility. If patient has a family history of known chromosome abnormality, please provide the family member's chromosome result information (attach a copy of test result if available). If the proband was tested at Nationwide Children's Hospital Cytogenetics Laboratory, please provide the proband name, date of birth, and accession number (if available). If evaluation of extra cells (beyond the routine 20 cells) is desired to rule out low-level mosaicism, please request Mosaicism Study and 50 cells will be evaluated at extra charge. Please note that cultured cells are typically discarded by the laboratory after a certain period of time; if cultured cells have been discarded, then new specimen submission will be required for chromosome analysis.

CPT Code

  • 88262
  • 88289