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Aspergillus Galactomannan Antigen EIA,Bronchoscopy


Name Method Department Units
Aspergillus Galactomannan Antigen EIA,Bronchoscopy Semi-Quantitative Enzyme Immunoassay
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Specimen Requirements


Container Type Container Size Specimen Volume

Sterile container

N/A 2 mL

Refrigerated - 1 week(s)
Frozen - 1 week(s)

Specimen Preparation

  • If delay in transport greater than 1 hour, refrigerate

Reasons for Rejection

  • Sputum
  • Specimens in media or preservatives
  • Grossly bloody specimens
  • Wrong type of specimen


Collect: Lower respiratory material by bronchoscopy (BAL, fluid, and washings). Do not submit Sputum for this test. If CSF testing is desired see the XMIS test to MiraVista Diagnostics.

CPT Code

  • 87305