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Alpha Fetoprotein (Amniotic), reflex to AChE,FHGB


Name Method Department Units
Alpha Fetoprotein (Amniotic), reflex to AChE,FHGB Chemiluminescence
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Battery Members

AFP, Amniotic Fluid reflex to Acetylcholinesterase and Fetal Hemoglobin, Amniotic Fluid

Specimen Requirements

Amniotic fluid

Container Type Container Size Specimen Volume

Sterile container

N/A 2.5 mL

Room temperature - 1 month(s)
Refrigerated - 3 month(s)
Frozen - 3 month(s)

Specimen Preparation

  • Transport to laboratory as soon as possible

Reasons for Rejection

  • Contaminated with fetal blood


Patient Prep: Amniocentesis. Specimen must be drawn between 13 weeks, 0 days and 36 weeks, 6 days gestation.  If the AFP (amniotic fluid) is elevated, then Acetylcholinesterase will be added. Additional charges apply. Acetylcholinesterase testing requires an additional 3-11 days to be reported.

Include gestational age at time of collection or estimated due date, physician name and phone number on the test request form. Please notify the sendout lab if the gestational age is based on date of last mentrual period rather than an ultrasound.

CPT Code

  • 82106
  • if reflexed add 82013 and 83033