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Alpha 1 Fetoprotein, ENHANCED


Name Method Department Units
Alpha 1 Fetoprotein, ENHANCED Chemiluminescence
Immunoenzymatic Assay
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Specimen Requirements

Serum Spun

Container Type Container Size Specimen Volume

Red tube, (no anticoagulant), No Gel

6 mL 2 mL

Gold tube, (SST) with Gel

6 mL 2 mL

Red Tube (no anticoagulant) with Gel

6 mL 2 mL

Room temperature - 8 hour(s)
Refrigerated - 48 hour(s)
Frozen - 1 week(s)

Specimen Preparation

  • Centrifuge within 4 hours, separate supernatant and refrigerate


Clinical information includes the following questions: Maternal date of birth, Maternal weight, Race, Gestational age, Singleton or multiples, Estimated date of delivery, LMP, Family history of NTD, If history of NTD what relationship, Family history of Down Syndrome, If history of Down Syndrome, what relation, Medical dependent diabetic at time of conception, Initial screening for pregnancy, Is this a repeat sample, Is the patient a smoker, Is the current pregnancy due to IVF. This testing includes AFP, Estriol, HCG, and Inhibin A.

CPT Code

  • 82105
  • 82677
  • 84702
  • 86336