Potential 504 Accommodations

  • Shortened school days
  • Supplemental home instruction for re-teaching or missed classes
  • Reduced work load by shorter or fewer assignments
  • Grades based on work completed rather than work assigned
  • Extended time to complete homework or tests
  • Use of elevator at school
  • Permission to leave class early for travel in uncrowded hallways
  • Locker located near primary classrooms
  • Second set of textbooks to be kept at home
  • Copies of classroom notes or lesson materials presented in class
  • Scribe as needed for long written work
  • Preferential classroom seating on the edge of the room to reduce exposure to germs
  • Permission to carry water bottle and/or snacks as needed
  • Permission to use the restroom as needed
  • Buddy system for visits to the nurses office in case of feeling ill
  • When rest breaks are needed, a quite space outside the nurses office/clinic should be available
  • Permission to wear a hat at school
  • Prompt phone contact with parent when contagious illness is present in the classroom

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