About Your Diagnosis

Sarcoma describes a group of cancers that arise from connective tissues such as bone or muscle and can occur anywhere in the body.  These are rare cancers in children, making up less than 15% of pediatric malignancies.  Because of the infrequency of these cancers and the aggressive clinical course the can often have, it is important that patients be treated in centers with expertise in their diagnosis and management.         

The Nationwide Children's Comprehensive Sarcoma Program is a multi-disciplinary group of professionals who work together closely to combat these rare, but deadly cancers.  Our oncology team works hand in hand with surgical specialists to provide state of the art care for patients with bone and soft tissue sarcoma, including:

  • Systematic chemotherapy and clinical trials for patients with newly diagnosed and relapsed sarcoma.
  • Cutting edge molecular diagnostic and sequencing techniques.
  • The latest surgical advancements for bone and soft tissue sarcoma patients, including limb salvage.
  • Unique clinics in orthopedic and surgical oncology.
  • Advanced imaging techniques for staging and response assessment.
  • Comprehensive psycho-social support to assist patients with adjustment to the diagnosis and provide support during treatment.
  • Symptom management support from Nationwide Children’s Hospital’s Pain and Advanced Illness Management Teams.
  • Survivorship and fertility preservation programs.