Bootcamp Video Series

Bowel Management Bootcamp: Complete Video

The following videos help to explain what parents, children and families can expect during the week-long Bowel Management Bootcamp program. For more information contact us.

The Bowel Management Bootcamp video is also available in Spanish, Italian, Hebrew, German and Arabic.

Locate the Settings icon at the bottom right hand corner of the video and select Subtitles/CC. Then select your language.


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Introduction to the Program

Most patients that enter the Bowel Management Bootcamp experience incontinence issues. This is a 30 minute introduction to what parents can expect if they decide to attend bowel management bootcamp.

The Enema Program

The enema program is used for children who cannot control his or her own bowel movements right now. This is usually related to an anorectal malformation, Hirschsprung disease or a spinal condition.

The Medicine Program

The medicine program is used for children whose bodies do not know how to control his or her own bowel movements right now. However, these children have all of the elements to stay clean. This is usually caused by a slow colon, that results in constipation.

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Severe Cases

Dr. Levitt discusses four example cases studies of patients who have participated in Bowel Management Bootcamp.