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At Nationwide Children’s Hospital, the promise of someday drives everything we do. Our groundbreaking research will give kids everywhere the someday they deserve. A someday with smiles and laughter. Just as it should be.


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Meet Izzy

Diagnoses: Autism, Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia, Down Syndrome

“Every child deserves to be loved, regardless of disability. Izzy is beautiful and has taught us that we are all more alike than we are different” - Izzy’s mom, Ashley

Izabella, known as “Izzy,” has been loved fiercely by her mama and mommy long before she was even born. Izzy’s moms, Ashley and Kelly, found out about Izzy when her birth mother was 12 weeks pregnant. They knew right away that Izzy belonged in their family and that they needed to adopt her.

Learn more about Izzy's journey at Nationwide Children's Hospital and see how far she's come thanks to new technology and treatment.



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Meet Christin

Diagnoses: Bilateral Duplicated Renal Systems, Tethered Cord

"We miss our family, but we wouldn't change anything because we know this is the best place for Christin to be." - Christin's mom, Michelle

When Christin was 5, her parents took her to the local doctor in North Carolina because they were not convinced their daughter “just” had the flu. They were right. Christin was dealing with something much bigger – bilateral duplicated renal systems. Christin underwent surgeries to help correct her complicated kidney condition. But when Christin continued to be ill, further tests revealed she had multiple issues. One in particular stood out – tethered cord, a condition where a spinal cord has limited movement, which can cause neurological and other symptoms as a child grows. 

Meet Christin and her family who travel out of state for life-saving care here at Nationwide Children's. 



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Meet Jayzon

Diagnoses: Chronic Lung Disease, Prematurity

 “The low parts (of this journey) have been him being sick and in the hospital. The high parts? We’re getting the best care at Nationwide Children’s Hospital.” - Jayzon's mom, Tria

Jayzon’s mom calls him “Champ” for good reason.

Born weighing only thirteen ounces a little more than a year ago, this special preemie has gone through quite a fight in his short life. He has chronic lung disease, which led to his quickly getting a tracheostomy and G-tube. “The odds were totally against him,” says his mom.



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Meet Lauren

Diagnosis: MedulloblastomaTumor

“She’s a great kid. I couldn’t make it without her smiles and giggles. “She’s going to make a difference someday…I’m a lucky mom.” - Lauren's mom, Alicia

Lauren is hoping that after she finishes cancer treatment, she can get a dog. She is excited to teach her new dog tricks like sit, roll-over and play fetch. But, she’s most excited to snuggle with her furry friend while watching her favorite Disney movie, Beauty and the Beast.

It's been a rough journey so far for Lauren. She was diagnosed with a Medulloblastoma tumor on her brain stem. Shortly after that diagnosis, she was brought in for brain surgery. Her mom is thankful to be in the great hands of the neurologists at Nationwide Children's. 


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Meet Rylee

Diagnosis: Heart Failure

Seven-year-old Rylee’s stay at Nationwide Children’s has become routine and familiar to her, but it isn’t quite the same as the 50-acre farm she’s used to in her home state of West Virginia. The team at Nationwide Children’s discovered that Rylee’s heart was aging too quickly and that she needed a heart transplant, so now she and her family are in Columbus, waiting.

They admit that being away from home long term adds another dimension of difficulty to the wait; Rylee’s grandfather needs to go back to West Virginia once each week for work. He says, “It makes you not want to leave because you just know, just any day, any minute, any second, they’re going to come in and say ‘we have a heart’.” He can’t wait to get Rylee home post-transplant, to get her back to her normal lifestyle.

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